Job 4


Eliphaz Blames Job's Trials on Sin

1And undertaking, Eliphaz the Temanite says, 2If we take to speak to you, will you tire? But the strength of your words, who shall endure? 3For since you admonished many, and [2the hands 3of the weak 1comforted], 4[3the ones being weak 1and also 2raised up] with words, [5in knees 1and 4to the ones powerless 3courage 2you invested], 5but now [2comes 3upon 4you 1misery], and touched you; and now you are hurried. 6Is it not that your fear is in folly, and your hope, and the evil of your way? 7Do you remember then who being pure was destroyed? or when the true ones [2entirely from the root 1were destroyed]? 8As in which manner I beheld the ones plowing the unnatural places, then the ones sowing them [2griefs 1shall harvest] for themselves. 9By the order of the  lord they shall perish, and by the breath of his anger they shall be obliterated. 10The strength of the lion, and the voice of the lioness, and the prancing of dragons shall be extinguished. 11The small lion is destroyed by not having game; and the cubs of lions forsook one another. 12[2to 3me 1And] it was spoken clandestinely in stealth; shall not [3receive 1my 2ear] extraordinary things by him, 13in amazement from [3vision 1my 2nightly] falling fear upon men? 14But a shuddering awe met with me, and trembling, and [4greatly 1my 2bones 3quaked]. 15And a spirit [2upon 3my face 1came], [6shuddered 1and 2my 3hair 4and 5flesh]. 16I rose up, and knew not; I saw and [3no 2was 1there] appearance before my eyes, but only a breeze; and [2a voice 1I heard], saying, 17For what, Shall [3pure 2be 1a mortal] before the  lord? or [3from 4his works 2be blameless 1shall a man]? 18If [2even 4his servants 1he does not 3trust], and even considers his angels as crooked in what he thinks about, 19then the ones dwelling in houses of clay, of whom also we [2from out of 3the 4same 5mortar 1are] -- he smites them [2of a moth 1in the manner]. 20And from morning until evening [2no longer 1they are]; by their not being able [3themselves 1to help themselves 2they] perish. 21You raised up together their vestige in them; they perished by [2not 3having 1their] wisdom.
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