Job 40


1And [3responded 1the  lord 2God] to Job, and said, 2Shall [2a judgment 3with 4the fit one 1you judge]? One reproving God -- shall he answer to him?

Job Responds to The LORD

3And undertaking, Job says to the  lord, 4Why still do I plead, being admonished and reproved by the  lord? Hearing such things, and being nothing; and I, what answer shall I give to these things? [2a hand 1I shall put] upon my mouth. 5Once I have spoken, but for a second time I will not proceed. 6And again undertaking, the  lord spoke to Job from out of the cloud, saying, 7But no, tie up [2as 3a man 1your loin]! and I will ask you, then you answer me! 8Or should you undo my judgment? And do you imagine me otherwise executing things with you? or that you should appear just? 9or [2your arm 1is] as the arm of the  lord? or [2with a voice 3as 4his 1do you thunder]? 10Then lift yourself up in stature and power, [3with glory 1and 4and 5honor 2clothe yourself]! 11And send angels in anger, [3all 1and 4the arrogant 2humble]! 12[3the proud man 1And 2extinguish]! [2cause 4to rot 1and 3the impious] immediately! 13And hide them in the earth with one accord! and the things of their faces [2with dishonor 1fill]! 14And indeed, I shall acknowledge surely that [2is able 1your right hand] to deliver.

The Beast

15But indeed, behold, the wild beast by you; [2grass 3equal to 4oxen 1it eats]. 16Behold indeed, his strength is in his loin, and his power is in the navel of his belly. 17He sets his tail as a cypress; and his nerves are closely joined. 18 His sides are sides of brass; and his spine [2iron 1is as cast]. 19This is the beginning of the thing shaped by the  lord; being made to be mocked by his angels. 20And coming upon [2mountain 1a chiseled], he produces a cause for joy to the four-footed in the infernal region. 21Under all kinds of trees he sleeps; by the papyrus, and reed and flowering rush. 22[3shadow 1And 4in him 2trees] with scions and branches of the chaste tree. 23If there becomes an inundation, in no way shall it be perceived; he relies that [3will rush up 1the 2Jordan] into his mouth. 24In his eye will one take him? Being caught in a snare will you drill his nose?
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