Job 6


Job Laments His Affliction

1And undertaking, Job says, 2For if anyone stationing weight would set my wrath, and [3griefs 2my 1lift] onto a yoke balance scale, they would be in one accord. 3For indeed of the sand of the coast it will be heavier; upon this my sayings were trampled. 4For arrows of the worthy one [2in 3my body 1are], which their rage drinks up my blood. Whenever I begin to speak, they sting me. 5For what -- will [3ineffectually 4cry out 2donkey 1the wild] if he is not [2grain 1seeking], no. And shall then [3tear loose 1the voice 2of the ox] at the stable while having foods, no. 6Shall [2be eaten 1bread] without salt, no. and is there taste in [2words 1empty], no. 7[4is not 5able 1For 2my 6to cease 3soul]; for groaning I see my grain as the scent of a lion. 8For if only he might give and [3might come 1my 2requests], and that [4my hope 3might grant 1the 2  lord]. 9Beginning, [2the 3  lord 1let] pierce; [5unto 6the end 1but 3me not 2let 4be done away with]! 10[2may 4be 1But 5my 6city 3the grave], upon [2of which 4upon 1the walls 3I leaped]; upon it I shall not spare; [3not 1for 2I lied] about [2sayings 1the holy] of my God. 11For what is my strength, that I remain? or what is my time, that [3endures 1my 2soul]? 12Is [2the strength 3of stones 1my strength]? or [2my flesh members 1are] of brass? 13Or not upon him to yield? but help [2from 3me 1was departed]; 14[2is forbidden 3me 1mercy]; and the visit of the  lord overlooked me. 15[2looked not at 3me 1My brothers]; [3as if 4a rushing stream 5dissipating 6or 7as if 8a wave 1they went by 2me]. 16The ones who revered me, now fall upon me as if snow or ice banked up, 17and as the melting away [2of heat 1by the coming], it was not recognized of where it was. 18So I also was left by all; and I am destroyed, and [2homeless 1I became]. 19Behold the ways of the Temanites, [3the short cuts 4of the Sabaeans 1O ones 2seeing clearly]. 20And for shame they shall owe -- the ones in cities and the things relied upon there. 21But nevertheless, even you mounted against me mercilessly; so that beholding my wound you are fearful. 22For what -- [2anything 3of you 1did I ask], or [3from 4you 2strength 1do I want], 23so as to deliver me from enemies, or [3from out of 4the hand 5of mighty ones 1to rescue 2me]? 24Teach me, and I will be silent! If in anything I have wandered, expound to me! 25But as it seems, [3are vile 2of a true man 1the words]; [3not 1for 6from 7you 5strength 2I do 4ask]. 26Nor will your reproof [2my words 1cause me to cease]; for neither your utterance of a word will I endure. 27Besides that, [2upon 3an orphan 1you fall], and you assail against your friend. 28But now, having looked into your faces, I will not lie. 29Sit indeed, and may there not be anything unjust, and again [2with the 3just 1come together]! 30[3no 1For 2there is 5on 6my tongue 4unjust thing]; or, does not my throat meditate on understanding?
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