Job 7


Job Questions His Existence

1In either way [2not 9a trial 1is 3the 4existence 5of man 6upon 7the 8earth], and [2as 4hireling 3the daily 1his life], 2or as an attendant in awe of his master, and attaining for shade; or as if a hireling awaiting his wage? 3So I also waited months in vain; and nights of griefs [2given 3to me 1are]. 4When I should go to bed, I say, When will it be the day? and whenever I rise up, again I say, When will it be evening? [3full 1And 2I am] of griefs, from evening unto morning. 5[4is befouled 1And 2my 3body] in rottenness of worms, and I melt away with clods of earth [2of 3pus 1scraping]. 6And my existence is lighter than speech, and has perished in vain hope. 7Remember then that my breath is life; and no longer shall [2return back 1my eye] to behold good. 8[4shall not look round about 1The eye 2of the one seeing 3me]; your eyes are on me, and I am not. 9I am as a cloud being cleared away from the heaven; for if a man should go down into Hades, no longer in any way should he ascend; 10and neither in any way shall he return unto his own house, nor [3in any way 1shall 4recognize 5him 6any more 2his place]. 11Nevertheless then, nor will I spare my mouth; I will speak [2in 3distress 1being] of my spirit; I will open the bitterness of my soul being held in. 12Is it that I am a sea or a dragon, that you delegated [2over 3me 1a guard]? 13I said that [2shall comfort 3me 1my bed], and I shall offer to myself my own word in my bed. 14You frighten me with dreams, and with visions you strike terror in me. 15You will dismiss [2from 3my spirit 1my soul], [3from 1and 4death 2my bones]. 16[3not 1For 5into 6the 7eon 2I shall 4live], that I should patiently wait. Depart from me, [4is empty 1for 2my 3livelihood]! 17For what is man that you magnified him? or that you heed the mind in him? 18Or [2him a visit 1will you make] until the morning; and [2for 3rest 1shall you judge him]? 19For how long do you not allow me, nor let me go, until whenever I should swallow down my spittle in grief? 20If I sinned, how am I able [2against you 1to act out], O one having knowledge of the mind of men? Why did you establish me as your accuser, and I am [2unto 3you 1a load]? 21And why did you not appoint of my lawlessness to forgetfulness, and for a cleansing of my sin? But now into the earth I shall go forth, [4for rising early 1and 3no longer 2I am].
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