Job 8


Baldad Implies Job has Sinned

1And undertaking, Baldad the Shuhite, says, 2Till when shall you speak these things [2spirit 1by a talkative] of your mouth? 3Will the  lord transgress judging? or the one making all things disturb the just? 4If your sons sin before him, he sent them away in hand because of their lawlessness. 5But you, rise early to the  lord almighty beseeching him! 6If you are pure and true, [3supplication 1he will heed 2your], and he will restore to you the habitation of righteousness. 7It will be then that as your first shall be little, yet your last will be an untold amount. 8For ask [2generation 1the first], and trace according to the race of the fathers! 9[3of yesterday 1For 2we are], and have not known; [8a shadow 1for 2our 7is 3existence 4upon 5the 6earth]; 10 shall these not teach you, and announce to you, and from out of the heart lead forth sayings? 11Does [2flourish 1papyrus] without water? or shall [2rise up high 1the flowering rush] without drinking? 12Yet being upon the root, and in no way harvested, [3before 4the 5drinking 6of all 7pasturage 1shall it not 2be dried]? 13So therefore will it be for the last of all the ones forgetting the  lord; for the hope of the impious shall perish. 14[5uninhabited 1For 2his 4will be 3house], [5as for 6a spider 1and 2his 4will turn out to be 3tent]. 15If one should overlook his house, in no way shall it stand; and grasping it, in no way shall it remain. 16[3wet 1For 2it is] under the sun, and [3out of 4his rottenness 1his tender branch 2shall come forth]. 17Upon a gathering of stones he goes to bed, and in the midst of gravel he shall live. 18And if [3should swallow him 1the 2place], it shall lie to him, saying, Have you not seen such a thing? 19For the undoing of the impious is such, and from out of the earth another shall sprout up. 20 For the  lord in no way will undo the guileless, and every gift of the impious he will not receive. 21[3of the true ones 1But 2the mouth] he will fill with laughter, and their lips with acknowledgment. 22 But their enemies shall put on shame; and the habitation of the impious will not be.
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