Job 9


Job Responds to Baldad

1And undertaking, Job says, 2In truth I know that it is so; for how shall there be a just mortal before the  lord? 3For if he should want to enter into judgment with him, in no way shall God obey him, so that he shall not contradict with one word of his from out of a thousand. 4[3wise 1For 2he is] in thought, fortified also, and great. Who [2hard 1being] before him even made peace? 5The [2of old 1mountains] even do not know the one eradicating them in anger. 6The one shaking the thing under heaven from its foundations, and the columns of it shake. 7The one speaking to the sun, and it does not rise; and accordingly [2the stars 1he seals up]. 8The one stretching the heaven alone, and walking [3as 4upon 5a floor 1upon 2the sea]. 9The one making Pleiades and Hesperus and Arcturus, and the chambers of the south. 10The one doing great and untraceable things; honorable also, and extraordinary things which there is no number. 11If he should pass over me, in no way shall I behold it; and if he should go by me, neither thus I knew it. 12If he dismisses, who returns? or who shall say to him, What did you do? 13 God will not turn away the anger, [2under 3him 1but 7were bent 4the whales 5under 6heaven]. 14But then should he obey me, or shall he litigate my things? 15[2even if 1For 4just 3I should be] shall he listen not to me? his equity I will beseech. 16And if I should call and he should hearken, I do not trust that he has listened to my voice. 17[2not 4by dimness 1He should 3obliterate me]; but many of my bruises he has made without cause. 18[4not 2he allows 1For 3me] to breathe, and he filled me with bitterness. 19For indeed by strength he prevails; who then [2his judgment 1shall oppose]? 20For if I might be just, my mouth will be impious; and though I might be blameless, [2perverse 1I shall turn out]. 21For whether I was impious, I do not know in soul; besides, [2is removed 3from me 1life]. 22Therefore I said, [2the great 3and 4mighty one 1he destroys] in wrath. 23For the vile [2in 3death 1are extraordinary], but the just are ridiculed. 24For they are delivered into the hands of the impious; [2the faces 3of her judges 1he covers up]; but if not he, who is it? 25 But my existence is lighter than a runner; my days ran away, and they knew it not. 26Or also is there [2of ships 1a trace] in the way? or a trace of an eagle flying seeking prey? 27For if also I said, I shall forget about speaking, I will stoop down my countenance and I will moan. 28I shake in all my limbs, for I know that [2not 4me be innocent 1you will 3let]. 29But since I am impious, for why is this [2in vain 1I labor]? 30For if I should wash myself off with snow, and should clear away my hands clean, 31fittingly in my filth you dipped me; [3abhorred 1and 4me 2my apparel]. 32[3not 1For 2you are] a man like me, with whom I can judge by comparison, that we should come with one accord for judgment. 33If indeed [2was present 1our mediator], and the one reproving, and the one hearing between both, 34let him dismiss [3from 4me 1the 2rod], [3the 1and 4fear 5of him 2let not] whirl about, 35and in no way shall I fear, but I will speak, for I am not thus conscious of guilt.
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