Joel 1


The Locust and Caterpillar Destroy the Land

1The word of the  lord which came to Joel the son of Pethuel. 2Hear these things, O elders, and give ear all dwelling the land! Have [2taken place 1such things] in your days, or in the days of your fathers? 3Concerning them, [2to 3your children 1describe], and your children to their children, and their children unto [2generation 1another]! 4The things remaining of the caterpillar [3devoured 1the 2locust]; and the things remaining of the locust [3devoured 1the 2grasshopper]; and the things remaining of the grasshopper [3devoured 1the 2blight]. 5Sober up, O ones being intoxicated from their wine! Weep and wail all drinking the wine unto intoxication! for it was lifted away from your mouth. 6For a nation ascended upon my land, one strong and innumerable. His teeth [2teeth 1are as lion's], and his molars as cubs. 7He appointed my grapevine for extinction, and my fig-trees for a splinter. In searching he searched it, and tossed it down; he whitened its branches. 8Wail to me more than a bride being girded with sackcloth for the husband of her virginity. 9[4have been lifted away 1The sacrifice 2and 3the libation offering] from the house of the  lord. Mourn, O priests! ministers of the  lord, 10for [3languish 1the 2plains]. Mourn, O earth, for [2languishes 1the grain]! [2was dried up 1the wine], [2lessened 1the olive oil]. 11[2were withered 1The farmers]. Wail for your possessions, for the wheat and barley; for [2he has destroyed 1the gathering of crops] from out of the field! 12The grapevine was dried up, and the fig-trees were lessened; pomegranate, and palm, and apple and all the trees of the field were dried up; for [4shamed 5joy 1the 2sons 3of men].

The Destruction of the Food Supply

13Gird and beat yourselves, O priests! Wail, O ones ministering at the altar! Enter, sleep in sackcloths! O ones ministering to God. for [4are at a distance 5from 6the house 7of your God 1the sacrifice offering 2and 3libation offering]. 14Sanctify a fast! Proclaim a sacred service! Bring together elders! all the ones dwelling the land, into the house of the  lord your God. And cry out to the  lord fervently! 15Woe, woe, woe for the day, for [4is near 1the 2day 3of the  lord], and as misery from misery, it shall come. 16Were not [3in front of 4your eyes 1foods 2lifted away]? from out of the house of your God gladness and joy? 17[2leap 1Heifers] in their stables, [2are obliterated 1treasures], [2were razed 1wine vats], for [2was dried up 1the grain]. 18What shall we put aside for ourselves? [3weep 1The herds 2of oxen], for no [2exists 1pasture] to them; and the flocks of the sheep were obliterated. 19To you, O  lord, we shall yell. For fire consumed the beautiful things of the wilderness, and a flame incinerated all the trees of the field. 20And the cattle of the plain look up to you, for [3were dried up 1the releases 2of waters], and fire devoured the beautiful things of the wilderness.
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