Joel 2


The Day of The LORD

1Trump with trumpet in Zion! Proclaim in [2mountain 1my holy]! and confound all the ones dwelling in the land! for [4is at hand 1the 2day 3of the  lord] -- for it is near. 2A day of darkness and dimness, a day of cloud and fog, as the dawn, there shall be poured upon the mountains [4people 1a vast 2and 3strong], likened to it has not happened from the eon, and after it there shall not be added unto years, for generations of generations. 3The things before him [2fire 1a consuming]; and behind him [2being lighted 1a flame]. As a paradise of delicacy is the earth before his face, and the things behind him a plain of extinction; and ones escaping will not be to him. 4As a sight of horses so the appearance of them; and as horsemen so they shall pursue. 5As the sound of chariots upon the tops of the mountains they shall leap, even as the sound of a flame of fire devouring stubble, and as [4people 1a vast 2and 3strong] being deployed for battle. 6From in front of him [2shall be destroyed 1the people]; every face as a burnt earthen pot. 7As warriors, they shall run; and as men of war, they shall ascend upon the walls; and each in his way shall go, and no way shall they turn aside from their roads. 8And each [2from 3his brother 1shall not be at a distance]; [2being burdened 3with 4their shields 1they shall go], and with arrows they shall fall, and no way shall they be ended. 9[2the 3city 1They shall take hold of], and upon the walls they shall run; unto the houses they shall ascend, and through the windows they shall enter as thieves. 10Before his face [3shall be confounded 1the 2earth], and [3shall be shaken 1the 2heaven]; the sun and the moon shall darken, and the stars shall let down their brightness. 11And the  lord shall give forth his voice from in front of his force; for [4great 2is 3exceedingly 1his camp]; for [2are strong 3works 1his words]; for great is the day of the  lord, [2apparent 1exceedingly], and who will be fit for it?

Tear Your Hearts and not your Garments

12And now, says the  lord, Return to me with [2entire 3heart 1your] in fasting, and weeping, and beating of the breast! 13And tear your hearts and not your garments! And return to the  lord your God! for [2merciful 3and 4pitying 1he is], lenient and full of mercy, and changing his mind concerning the evils. 14Who knows if he shall turn and change his mind, and leave behind him a blessing; even a sacrifice offering and a libation offering to the  lord our God? 15Trump a trumpet in Zion! Sanctify a fast! Proclaim a sacred service! 16Gather together people! Sanctify an assembly! Choose elders! Gather together infants nursing breasts! Let [2go forth 1the groom] from out of his bedroom, and the bride from out of her nuptial chamber! 17[4between 5the 6footing 7and 8the 9altar 10shall weep 1The 2priests 3ministering] to the  lord. And they shall say, Spare, O  lord, your people! and, You should not give your inheritance unto scorn for the [2to rule 3them 1nations]; so that [4they should not 5say 1among 2the 3nations], Where is their God?

The LORD Spares the Land

18But the  lord was jealous of his land, and spared his people. 19And the  lord answered and said to his people, Behold, I shall send out to you the grain, and the wine, and the olive oil, and you shall be filled up of them. And I will not give you up any longer for scorning among the nations. 20And the one from the north I will drive out from you, and I will push him into [2land 1a waterless], and I will obliterate his face into the [2sea 1foremost], and the ones of his rear unto the [2sea 1latter]. And [2shall ascend 1his rottenness], and [2shall ascend 1his groaning], for he magnified his works. 21Be of courage, O land! Rejoice and be glad! for the  lord magnified to act. 22Be of courage, O cattle of the plain! for [5have burst forth 1the 2plains 3of the 4wilderness]; for the tree bore its fruit; fig-tree and grapevine yielded their strength. 23And O children of Zion, rejoice and be glad in the  lord your God! for he gave to you the foods for righteousness, and he shall rain to you [2rain 1early] and late, as before. 24And [3shall be filled 1the 2threshing-floors] of grain, and [3shall be overflowing 1the 2vats] of wine and oil. 25And I will recompense to you for the years which [3devoured 1the 2blight], and the grasshopper and locust, and the caterpillar, by [3force 1my 2great] which I sent out unto you. 26And you shall eat with solid food, and shall be filled up, and shall praise the name of the  lord your God, who did [2among 3you 1wonders]. And in no way shall [2be disgraced 1my people] into the eon. 27And you shall realize that [3in 4the midst 5of Israel 1I 2am], even I the  lord your God, and there is not any besides me. And in no way shall [2be disgraced 3any longer 1my people] into the eon.

Spirit Poured Out

28And it will be after these things, I will pour out from my spirit upon all flesh; and [4shall prophesy 1your sons 2and 3your daughters], and your older men [2dreams 1shall dream], and your young men [2visions 1shall see]. 29And even upon the manservants, and upon the maidservants, in those days I will pour out from my spirit. 30And I shall execute miracles in the heaven, and upon the earth -- blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke. 31The sun shall convert into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the coming of the [4day 5of the  lord 1great 2and 3apparent]. 32And it will be all who ever shall call upon the name of the  lord shall be delivered. For in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be one rescuing, as [3said 1the 2  lord]; and one announcing good news of which the  lord was called upon.
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