Joel 3


The Valley of Jehoshaphat

1For behold, I in those days and in that time, whenever [6shall return 1the 2captivity 3of Judah 4and 5Jerusalem], 2I will gather all the nations, and I will lead them into the valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will litigate with them there for my people, and my inheritance Israel, whom I dispersed among the nations, even the one [2my land 1who divided]. 3And [3over 4my people 1they cast 2lots]; and gave the boys to harlots, and [2the 3young women 1sold] for wine, and drank. 4And what are you to me, O Tyre and Sidon, and all Galilee of the Philistines? Do [4a recompense 1you 2recompense 3to me]? or [2have resentment 1do you] to me? Swiftly and quickly I will recompense your recompense upon your heads; 5because [2my silver 3and 4my gold 1you took], and the chosen things of mine; the good things you carried into your temples. 6And the sons of Judah, and the sons of Jerusalem you rendered to the sons of the Greeks, so that you should push them from out of their borders. 7And behold, I will awaken them from out of the place of which you rendered them there; and I will recompense your recompense onto your heads. 8And I will render your sons and your daughters into the hands of sons of Judah; and they shall render them into captivity, into a nation far at a distance, for the  lord spoke. 9Proclaim these things among the nations! Sanctify a war! Awaken the warriors! Lead forward and ascend all men of war! 10Cut up your plows into broadswords, and your sickles into spears! Let the powerless say that, I am strong! 11Gather together and enter all nations round about! And gather together there! Let the gentle one be a warrior! 12Awaken and ascend all nations into the valley of Jehoshaphat! for there I will sit to separate all the nations round about. 13Send out sickles! for [3stands by 1the 2gathering of the crops]. Enter in! Tread! for [3is full 1the 2wine vat]. [3overflow 1The 2wine-vats], for [2are multiplied 1their evils]. 14Sounds resounded in the valley of punishment, for [3is near 1the day 2of the  lord] in the valley of punishment. 15The sun and the moon shall darken, and the stars shall let down their brightness.

The LORD Will Spare His People

16But the  lord [2from 3Zion 1shall shout aloud], and [3from out of 4Jerusalem 1shall utter 2his voice]. And [6shall be shaken 1the 2heaven 3and 4the 5earth], but the  lord shall spare his people, and shall strengthen the sons of Israel. 17And you shall know that I am the  lord your God encamping in Zion, [3mountain 2holy 1my]. And Jerusalem will be holy, and foreigners shall go through her no longer. 18And it will be in that day [3will trickle down 1the 2mountains] sweetness, and the hills shall flow milk, and all the releases of Judah shall flow waters; and a spring [2from out of 3the house 4of the  lord 1shall come forth], and it shall water the rushing stream of the rushes. 19Egypt [2for 3extinction 1will be], and Edom for a plain of extinction, because of iniquities of the sons of Judah, because they poured out blood of the just in their land. 20But Judea [2into 3the 4eon 1shall dwell], and Jerusalem for generations of generations. 21And I will require their blood, and no way acquit. And the  lord shall encamp in Zion.
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