John 5


Jesus Heals at Bethesda

1After these was a holiday of the Jews, and Jesus ascended unto Jerusalem. 2And there is in Jerusalem at the sheep gate a pool, the one being called in Hebrew, Bethesda, [2five 3stoas 1having]. 3In these reclined [2multitude 1a great] being weak, blind, lame, withered, looking out for the [2of the 3water 1movement]. 4For an angel at times came down in the pool, and disturbed the water. The one then first stepping in after the disturbance of the water [2sound 1became] in whatsoever [2he was held 1disease]. 5And there was a certain man there thirty and eight years being held in his feebleness. 6[3this one 2seeing 1Jesus] reclining, and knowing that [2a long 1already] time he was held, says to him, Do you want [2sound 1to be]? 7Answered him the one being invalid, O Lord, [2no man 1I have], that whenever [3should be disturbed 1the 2water] should lay me in the pool; [2in 3which time 1but] I come, another before me descends. 8[2says 3to him 1Jesus], Arise, lift your litter and walk! 9And immediately [3became 4in health 1the 2man], and he lifted his litter, and walked. And it was the Sabbath on that day. 10Then said the Jews to the one being cured, It is a Sabbath, it is not allowed for you to carry the litter. 11He responded to them, The one making me in health, that one told me, Carry your litter, and walk! 12Then they asked him, Who is the man having said to you, Carry your litter and walk? 13But the one having been healed knew not who it is, for Jesus turned away, of a multitude being in the place. 14After these things [2finds 3him 1Jesus] in the temple, and he said to him, See, [2in health 1you are], no longer sin, that nothing worse should happen to you! 15[3went forth 1The 2man], and announced to the Jews that Jesus is the one making him in health.

The Jews Seek to Kill Jesus

16And on account of this [3persecuted 4Jesus 1the 2Jews], and sought to kill him; for these things he did on a Sabbath. 17 But Jesus answered to them, My father [2until 3now 1works], and I work. 18On account of this then more [3sought 5him 1the 2Jews 4to kill], for not only he untied the Sabbath, but also [4father 3his own 1called 2God], [3equal 2himself 1making] to God.

The Father and the Son

19Then answered Jesus, and he said to them, Amen, amen, I say to you, [3is not able 1The 2son] to do of himself anything, unless what he should see the father doing; for what ever that one should do, these also the son in like manner does. 20For the father is fond of the son, and [3all things 1shows 2to him] which he does; and greater [2than these 3he will show 4to him 1works], that you should marvel. 21For as the father raises the dead, and restores to life; so also the son, whom he wants, he restores to life. 22For neither the father judges any one, but all judgment he has given to the son; 23that all should esteem the son, as they esteem the father. The one not esteeming the son, esteems not the father sending him. 24Amen, amen, I say to you, that the one [2my word 1hearing], and trusting in the one sending me, has [2life 1eternal], and [2into 3judgment 1comes not], but has crossed over from death unto life. 25Amen, amen, I say to you, that there comes an hour, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the son of God, and the ones hearing shall live. 26For as the father has life in himself, so he gave also to the son [2life 1to have] in himself; 27and [2authority 1he gave] to him even [2judgment 1to execute], for [2son 3of man 1he is]. 28Do not wonder at this! For comes an hour in which all the ones in the tombs shall hear his voice, 29and they shall exit; the ones [2good things 1doing] unto a resurrection of life; but the ones [2heedlessly 1acting] unto a resurrection of judgment. 30Not am I able to do of myself anything. As I hear I judge; and [2judgment 1my] is just, for I do not seek [2will 1my], but the will of the [2sending me forth 1father]. 31If I testify concerning myself, my testimony is not true. 32There is another - the one testifying concerning me. And I know that [3is true 1the 2testimony] which he testifies concerning me. 33You have sent to John, and he testifies the truth. 34But I do not [4from 5man 2the 3testimony 1receive], and these things I say, that you should be delivered. 35That one was the lamp burning and shining, and you wanted to exult for an hour in his light. 36But I have the testimony greater than John; for the works which [3gave 4me 1the 2father] that I should perfect them, [3themselves 1the 2works] which I do testify concerning me, that the father has sent me. 37And the [2sending me forth 1father], he has testified concerning me. Neither his voice have you heard at any time, nor his appearance have you seen. 38And his word you have not abiding in you. For the one whom that one sent, in this one you do not believe. 39You search the scriptures that you think in them [3life 2eternal 1to have], and these are the ones testifying concerning me. 40And you do not want to come to me, that [2life 1you should have]. 41Glory from men I receive not. 42But I have known you, that the love of God you have not in yourselves. 43I have come in the name of my father, and you did not receive me. If another should come in [2name 1his own], that one you will receive. 44How are you able to believe, [2glory 3from 4one another 1receiving], and the glory, the one from the only God you do not seek? 45Do not think that I accuse you to the father! there is the one accusing you -- Moses, in whom you hope. 46For if you believed Moses, you would have believed in me; for concerning me that one wrote. 47But if in that one's letters you believe not, how [2in my 3sayings 1shall you believe]?
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