John 18


Jesus Prays in the Garden

1These things having said, Jesus came forth with his disciples on the other side of the rushing stream of the Kidron, where there was a garden into which [4entered 1he 2and 3his disciples]. 2[6knew 1And 5also 2Judas 3the one 4delivering him up] the place; for often Jesus gathered together there with his disciples.

Judas Delivers Up Jesus

3 Then Judas, taking the cohort and [2of 3the 4chief priests 5and 6Pharisees 1officers], came there with torches and lamps and weapons. 4Jesus then knowing all things, the ones coming upon him, having come forth, said to them, Whom do you seek? 5They answered to him, Jesus the Nazarene. [2says 3to them 1Jesus], I am he. And standing by also was Judas, the one delivering him up, with them. 6When then he said to them that, I am he, they went rearwards, and fell on the ground. 7Again then he asked them, Whom do you seek? And they said, Jesus the Nazarene. 8Jesus answered, I said to you that I am he. If then you seek me, let these go! 9that should be fulfilled the word which he said, that, Whom you have given to me perished not of them not one. 10Simon Peter then having a sword drew it, and hit the [2of the 3chief priest 1servant], and cut off his [2ear 1right]. [5was 1And 2the name 3to the 4servant] Malchus. 11[3said 1then 2Jesus] to Peter, Put your sword into its holder! The cup which [3has given 4to me 1the 2father], should I in no way drink it? 12Then the cohort and the commander and the officers of the Jews seized Jesus, and bound him. 13And they took him away to Annas first; for he was father-in-law of Caiaphas, who was chief priest that year. 14And it was Caiaphas advising the Jews, saying that, It is advantageous for one man to perish for the people.

Peter Denies Jesus

15[4followed 1And 5Jesus 2Simon 3Peter], and another disciple. And that disciple was known to the chief priest, and he entered together with Jesus into the courtyard of the chief priest. 16 And Peter stood by the door outside. [4came forth 5then 1The 3disciple 2other] who was known to the chief priest, and he spoke with the doorkeeper, and she brought in Peter. 17Says then the maidservant doorkeeper to Peter, [3not 4also 2you 5of 6the 7disciples 1Are] of this man? That one says, I am not. 18[7were standing 1And 2the 3servants 4and 5the 6officers], [2a charcoal bed 1having made]; for it was chilly. And they were heating themselves. [3was 1And 5with 6them 2Peter 4standing], and heating himself.

Jesus is Questioned by the Chief Priest

19Then the chief priest asked Jesus concerning his disciples, and concerning his teaching. 20[2answered 3to him 1Jesus], I in an open manner spoke to the world; I at all times taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, where at all times the Jews come together; and in secret I spoke nothing. 21Why do you ask? Ask the ones hearing what I spoke to them! See! these know what I said. 22[4these things 1And 2in his 3having said], one of the officers standing by gave a slap to Jesus, having said, Thus you answer to the chief priest? 23[2responded 3to him 1Jesus], If ill I have spoken, testify concerning the bad; but if well, why do you flay at me? 24[2sent 3him 1Annas] being bound to Caiaphas the chief priest. 25[4was 1And 2Simon 3Peter] standing and heating himself. Then one said to him, [3not 4also 2you 5of 6his disciples 1are]? That one denied, and said, I am not. 26Says one of the servants of the chief priest, being a relative of whom Peter cut off the ear, Did I not see you in the garden with him? 27Then again Peter denied; and immediately a rooster called out. 28Then they led Jesus from Caiaphas unto the praetorium. And it was morning; and they did not enter into the praetorium, that they should not be defiled; but that they should eat the passover.

Jesus Before Pilate

29Then came forth Pilate to them, and said, What charge do you bring against this man? 30They answered and said to him, If [3not 2was 1this one] doing evil, [2would not 4to you 1we 3have delivered him up]. 31Then said Pilate to them, [2take 3him 1You], and according to your law judge him! [4said 1Then 5to him 2the 3Jews], To us it is not allowed to kill anyone; 32that the word of Jesus should be fulfilled which he spoke signifying by what death he was about to die. 33[2entered 3then 4into 5the 6praetorium 7again 1Pilate]. And he called Jesus, and said to him, Are you the king of the Jews? 34[2answered 3to him 1Jesus], From yourself do you say this, or others spoke to you concerning me? 35Pilate answered, Much less [2I 3a Jew 1am]; [2nation 1your] and the chief priests delivered you to me. What did you do? 36Jesus answered, [2kingdom 1My] is not of this world. If [4of 5this world 3was 2kingdom 1my], [2officers 3would 1my] have been struggling that I should not be delivered up to the Jews. But now [2kingdom 1my] is not from here. 37Then said Pilate to him, Then [2a king 1you are]? Jesus answered, You say it, for [3a king 2am 1I]. I [2for 3this 1have been born], and for this I have come into the world, that I should testify to the truth. Every one being of the truth hears my voice. 38[2says 3to him 1Pilate], What is truth? And this having said, again he came forth to the Jews, and says to them, I [2not one 3fault 1find] in him. 39But it is a custom with you that [2one 3to you 1I should loosen] at the passover. Do you want then I should loose to you the king of the Jews? 40They cried out then again, all saying, Not this one, but Barabbas; [3was 1and 2Barabbas] a robber.
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