John 4


The Woman of Samaria

1When therefore [3knew 1the 2Lord] that [3heard 1the 2Pharisees] that Jesus [4more 5disciples 1made 2and 3immersed] than John, 2(though indeed Jesus himself did not immerse, but his disciples), 3he left Judea, and went forth into Galilee. 4But it was necessary for him to go through Samaria. 5He comes then into a city of Samaria being called Sychar, neighboring the place which Jacob gave to Joseph his son. 6[4was 1And 5there 2the spring 3of Jacob]. Then Jesus being tired from the journey, sat thus at the spring; [4hour 1it was 2about 3the sixth]. 7There comes a woman from out of Samaria to draw water. [2says 3to her 1Jesus], Give to me to drink! 8For his disciples went forth into the city, that [2provisions 1they should buy]. 9[5says 1Then 6to him 4woman 2the 3Samaritan], How do you, being a Jew, [2from 3me 4to drink 1ask], being a Samaritan woman? [3do not 1For 4have dealings with 2Jews] Samaritans. 10Jesus answered and said to her, If you knew the gift of God, and who is the one saying to you, Give to me to drink! you would have asked him, and he would have given to you [2water 1living]. 11[3says 4to him 1The 2woman], O master, neither a bucket do you have, and the well is deep; from what place then have you the [2water 1living]? 12 [2you 3greater than 1Are] our father Jacob, who gave to us the well, and himself [2from 3it 1drank], and his sons, and his livestock? 13Jesus answered and said to her, Every one drinking of this water thirsts again; 14but whoever should drink of the water which I give to him, in no way should he thirst into the eon; but the water which I shall give to him shall become in him a spring of water leaping up into [2life 1eternal]. 15Says to him the woman, O master, give to me this water! that I should not thirst, nor should come here to draw. 16[2says 3to her 1Jesus], Go, call your husband, and come here! 17[3answered 1The 2woman] and said, I do not have a husband. [2says 3to her 1Jesus], Well you said that, [3a husband 1I do not 2have]; 18for five husbands you had, and now the one whom you have is not your husband; this truly you have said. 19[3says 4to him 1The 2woman], O master, I view that [2a prophet 1you are]. 20 Our fathers in this mountain did obeisance, and you say that in Jerusalem is the place where it is necessary to do obeisance. 21[2says 3to her 1Jesus], O woman, trust me, that there comes an hour, when neither in this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, shall you do obeisance to the father. 22You do obeisance to whom you know not; we do obeisance to whom we know; for the deliverance [2of 3the 4Jews 1is]. 23But comes the hour, and now is, when the true ones doing obeisance shall do obeisance to the father in spirit and truth; for also the father [2such 1seeks] to do obeisance to him.

God is Spirit

24God is spirit, and the ones doing obeisance to him [3in 4spirit 5and 6truth 1must 2do obeisance]. 25[3says 4to him 1The 2woman], I know that Messiah comes, the one being called Christ; whenever he should come, that one will announce to us all things. 26[2says 3to her 1Jesus], I am he, the one speaking to you. 27And upon this came his disciples, and they marvelled that [2with 3a woman 1he spoke]; no one however said, What do you seek? or, Why do you speak with her? 28[3then left 4her water-pitcher 1The 2woman], and she went forth into the city, and says to the men, 29Come, see a man who told to me all things as much as I did! Maybe this is the Christ? 30They came forth then from out of the city, and came to him. 31But in between [3asked 4him 1the 2disciples], saying, Rabbi, eat! 32And he said to them, I [2food 1have] to eat which you know not. 33[4said 1Then 2the 3disciples] to one another, Did anyone bring anything to him to eat? 34[2says 3to them 1Jesus], My food is that I do the will of the one having sent me, and I should perfect his work. 35Do you not say that, [2still 3four months 1It is] and the harvest comes? Behold, I say to you, Lift up your eyes, and see the places! for they are white for harvest already. 36And the one harvesting [2a wage 1receives], and gathers fruit unto life eternal; that also the one sowing [2together 1should rejoice] also with the one harvesting. 37For in this the word is true that, Another is the one sowing, and another is the one harvesting. 38I sent you to harvest what you have not tired in; others have tired, and you [2into 3their toil 1have entered]. 39And from that city many believed in him of the Samaritans, because of the word of the woman witnessing that, He told to me all things as much as I did. 40Then as they came to him, the Samaritans asked him to stay with them; and he stayed there two days.

The Deliverer of the World

41And many more believed because of his word; 42also to the woman they said that, No longer because of your speech do we believe; for ourselves we have heard, and we know that this is truly the deliverer of the world, the Christ. 43And after the two days he came forth from there, and he went forth into Galilee. 44[3himself 1For 2Jesus] testified that a prophet [3in 4his own 5fatherland 2value 1has no]. 45When then he came into Galilee, [3received 4him 1the 2Galileans], having seen all the things which he did in Jerusalem during the holiday feast; [3also 2they 1for] went to the holiday feast.

The Royal Official's Son is Healed

46Then came Jesus again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water wine. And there was a certain royal official [3whose 4son 5was weak 1in 2Capernaum]. 47He having heard that Jesus is come from out of Judea into Galilee, went forth to him, and asked him that he should come down and heal his son; for he was about to die. 48[3said 1Then 2Jesus] to him, If [2not 4signs 5and 6miracles 1you should 3behold], in no way should you trust. 49[3says 4to 5him 1The 2royal official], O Lord, come down before [2dies 1my child]! 50[2says 3to him 1Jesus], Go! your son lives. And [3trusted 1the 2man] in the word which [2said 3to him 1Jesus], and he went. 51And already as he was going down, his servants met him, and reported, saying that, Your child lives. 52He inquired then of them the hour in which [2much better 1he sufficed]. And they said to him that, Yesterday [2hour 1the seventh 5left 6him 3the 4fever]. 53[4knew 1Then 2the 3father] that it was in that hour in which [2said 3to him 1Jesus] that, Your son lives. And he trusted him, and [3family 1his 2entire]. 54This again was a second sign Jesus did, coming from out of Judea into Galilee.
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