Jonah 2


Jonah's Prayer

And Jonah prayed to the  lord his God from out of the belly of the whale. And he said, I yelled my affliction to the  lord my God, and he hearkened to me. From out of the belly of Hades was my cry; you heard my voice. You threw me into the depths of the heart of the sea, and rivers encircled me. All your crests and your waves [2upon 3me 1went]. And I said, Have I been thrust away from your eyes? Surely I shall proceed to look towards [3temple 2holy 1your]. [2was poured about 3me 1Water] unto the soul. The deep encircled me to the extreme; [3went down 2head 1my]. Into the fissures of mountains I went down; into the earth of which its bars [2holds 1are the eternal]. Yet let [2ascend 3from 4corruption 1my life], O  lord my God! In the faltering [2from 3me 1of my soul] I remembered the  lord; and may [2come 3to 4you 1my prayer] in [3temple 2holy 1your]. The ones watching vanities and lies [2their mercy 1abandoned]. But I with the voice of praise and acknowledgment will sacrifice to you. As much as I vowed I will render to you. For my deliverance is by the  lord. 10 And it was assigned from the  lord to the whale; and it cast out Jonah upon the dry land.
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