Jonah 1


Jonah Flees from God

1And [3came 1the word 2of the  lord] to Jonah the son of Amittai, saying, 2Rise up, and go unto Nineveh the [2city 1great], and proclaim in it! for [4ascended 1the 2cry 3of its evils] to me. 3And Jonah rose up to flee into Tarshish from the face of the  lord. And he went down into Joppa. And he found a boat proceeding to Tarshish, and he gave his fare, and ascended into it to sail with them unto Tarshish from the face of the  lord. 4And the  lord raised up a wind upon the sea; and there became [2swell 1a great] in the sea, and the boat was exposed to danger of breaking up. 5And [3feared 1the 2mariners], and yelled out each to his god. And [2an expulsion 1they made] of the items, of the ones in the boat, into the sea, to lighten of them. But Jonah went down into the hold of the boat, and he went to sleep, and snored. 6And [3drew near 4to 5him 1the 2captain], and said to him, Why do you snore? Rise up, call upon your God! so that God should preserve us, and in no way we should be destroyed. 7And [2said 1each] to his neighbor, Come we should cast lots, and we shall know for what reason this evil is to us. And they cast lots, and [3fell 1the 2lot] upon Jonah. 8And they said to him, Report indeed! for what reason [2this evil 1is] to us? What [2your 3work 1is], and from where have you come, and from out of what kind of place, and of what kind of people are you? 9And he said to them, [2a servant 3of the  lord 1I am], and [3the 4God 5of the 6heaven 1I 2worship] who made the sea and the dry land. 10And [3feared 1the 2men 5fear 4a great], and they said to him, What is this you did? (because [3knew 1the 2men] that [3from 4the face 5of the  lord 1he was 2fleeing], for he reported it to them.)

Jonah is Cast into the Sea

11And they said to him, What should we do to you, and [3abates 1the 2sea] from us? (for the sea went forth and rose up a rather great swell.) 12And Jonah said to them, Lift me, and cast me into the sea, and [3shall abate 1the 2sea] from you! Because I know, that on account of me [3swell 2great 1this 5upon 6you 4is]. 13And [3pressed on 1the 2men] to turn towards the land, and they were not able, for the sea went, and it rose up rather upon them. 14And they yelled out to the  lord, and they said, By no means, O  lord, should you destroy us because of the soul of this man, and should not be imputed against us the blood of the just; for you, O  lord, in which manner you want, you do. 15And they took Jonah, and they cast him into the sea. And [3stood 1the 2sea] from its tossing about. 16And [3feared 1the 2men 5fear 4a great] of the  lord, and they sacrificed a sacrifice to the  lord, and vowed the vows. 17And the  lord assigned [2whale 1a great] to swallow Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly of the whale three days and three nights.
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