Joshua 1


Joshua Succeeds Moses

1And it came to pass after the decease of Moses the servant of the  lord, that the  lord spoke to Joshua son of Nun, the aid of Moses, saying, 2Moses, my attendant has come to an end; now then rising up, pass over the Jordan! you, and all this people, into the land which I give to them. 3Every place upon which ever you should mount the track of your feet, [3to you 1I will give 2it], in which manner I spoke to Moses. 4The wilderness and the Antilebanon unto the [2river 1great], the river Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and unto the [2sea 1great] from [2of the sun 1the descent] will be your boundaries. 5[2shall not 3withstand 1A man] before you all the days of your life. And as I was with Moses, so I will be also with you, and I will not abandon you, nor will I neglect you. 6Be strong and manly! for you shall divide up to this people the land which I swore by an oath to your fathers to give to them. 7Be strong then and manly! to guard and to do in so far as I gave charge Moses my servant. And do not turn aside from them to the right or to the left! that you should perceive in all what ever you should act on. 8And [5shall not 6leave 2book 3of the 4law 1this] from your mouth, and you shall meditate in it day and night, that you should perceive to do all the things written in it. Then you shall prosper your ways, and then you shall perceive. 9Behold, I give charge to you; be strong and be manly! You should not be timid, nor should you be terrified, for [3is with 4you 1the  lord 2your God] in every place where ever you should go.

Joshua Gives Charge to the Scribes

10And Joshua gave charge to the scribes of the people, saying, 11Enter in the midst of the camp of the people, and give charge to the people! saying, Prepare provisions! for yet in three days even you pass over this Jordan, entering to take control of the land which the  lord God of your fathers gives to you. 12And to Reuben, and to Gad, and to the half tribe of Manasseh, Joshua said, 13Remember the word of the  lord! which [5gave charge 6to you 1Moses 2the 3servant 4of the  lord], saying, The  lord your God rested you, and gave to you this land. 14 Your wives, and your children, and your cattle -- let them dwell in the land which [2gave 3to you 1Moses] on the other side of the Jordan! And you shall pass over well-equipped prior to your brethren, every one being strong, and you shall fight along with them, 15until whenever [3should rest 1the  lord 2your God] your brethren, as also you; and so they shall be heir also to this land which the  lord your God gives to them. Then you shall go forth each unto his own inheritance, which [2gave 3to you 1Moses] on the other side of the Jordan from the east sun. 16And answering to Joshua, they said, All as much as you should give charge to us we will do, and into every place where ever you should send us, we will go. 17According to all as much as we hearkened to Moses, we will hearken to you. Furthermore let [3be 1the  lord 2our God] with you, in which manner he was with Moses! 18And the man who ever should resist you, and who ever should not hearken to your words, in so far as you should give charge to him, let him die! But be strong and be manly!
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