Joshua 11


Hazor Wages War against Israel

1And when [4heard 1Jabin 2king 3of Hazor], he sent to Jobab king of Madon, and to king Shimron, and to king Achshaph, 2and to the kings of the places by [3Sidon 1the 2great], unto the mountainous area, and unto the wilderness before Chinneroth, and the plain, and unto Napedor, 3and to the ones on the coast -- the Canaanites from the east, and to the ones on the coast -- the Amorites, and the Hittites, and Perizzites, and Jebusites, the ones in the mountain, and the Hivites under Hermon unto the land of Mizpeh. 4And they came forth, they and their kings with them, [2people 1a vast] as the sand which is by the edge of the sea in multitude, and horses, and [3chariots 2many 1very]. 5And [3united 1all 2these kings], and came and camped together by the water of Merom to wage war against Israel. 6And the  lord said to Joshua, You should not fear from their face, for tomorrow at this hour I will deliver all of them being putting to flight before the sons Israel. Their horses you shall hamstring, and their chariots you shall incinerate by fire. 7And Joshua came, and all the [2people 1warrior] with him, against them at the water of Merom, suddenly. And they fell against them in the mountainous area. 8And [2delivered 3them 1the  lord] under the hands of Israel. And beating them they pursued them unto [3Sidon 1the 2great], and unto Misrephoth-maim, and unto the plains of Mizpeh and eastwards. And they slew them until the not being left behind of them one surviving. 9And [2did 3to them 1Joshua] in so far as [2gave charge 3to him 1the  lord]. [2their horses 1He hamstrung], and [2their chariots 1he burned] by fire. 10And Joshua returned in that time, and overtook Hazor; and her king he killed by the broadsword. [3was 1And 2Hazor] formerly ruling all these kingdoms. 11And he killed everyone breathing in it by the mouth of the sword, and he utterly destroyed all, and there was not left behind in it one breathing. And Hazor they burned by fire. 12And all the cities of these kingdoms, and all their kings, Joshua took and did away with them by the mouth of the sword. And he utterly destroyed them in which manner [5ordered 1Moses 2the 3servant 4of the  lord]. 13But all the cities being fortified by a mound of them [2did not 3burn 1Israel]. Except [3Hazor 4only 2burned 1Joshua]. 14And all her spoils, and the cattle, [4despoiled 5for themselves 1the 2sons 3of Israel]. [3of them 1And 2all] they utterly destroyed by the mouth of the sword; and he destroyed them, they did not leave behind of them one breathing. 15In which manner the  lord gave orders to Moses, to his servant, likewise Moses gave charge to Joshua, and thus Joshua did; he did not violate anything of all which [2gave orders 3to him 1Moses].

Further Conquests of Joshua

16And Joshua took all this land -- the mountainous area, and the whole land of Negev, and all the land of Goshen, and the plain, and the land towards the west, and the mountain of Israel, and the low lands, the ones towards the mountain; 17from mount Halak, and the ascent into Seir, and unto Baal-gad, and the plain of Lebanon under mount Hermon. And [2all 3their kings 1he took], and he did away with them, and killed them. 18And [2days 1for many] Joshua made [2against 3all 4these kings 1war]. 19And there was not a city which he did not deliver over to the sons of Israel, except the Hivite dwelling in Gibeon. He took all by war. 20For it was by the  lord to become strong of their heart to meet for war against Israel, that they should be utterly destroyed; so that no [2should be given 3to them 1mercy], but that they should be utterly destroyed in which manner the  lord told to Moses. 21And Joshua came in that time and utterly destroyed the Anakim from out of the mountainous area, from Hebron and from Debir, and from Anab, and from every mountain of Judah, and from every mountain of Israel with their cities. And [2utterly destroyed 3them 1Joshua]. 22He did not leave of the Anakim from the sons of Israel, but except for in Gaza, and in Gath, and in Ashdod, some were left. 23And Joshua took all the land, as far as the  lord gave charge to Moses. And [2gave 3them 1Joshua] by inheritance to Israel in their distribution according to their tribes. And the land rested from waging war.
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