Joshua 23


Joshua Calls Together the Sons of Israel

1And it came to pass after [2days 1many], after [3rested 1the  lord 2God] Israel from all their enemies round about, and Joshua was older being advanced in days, 2that Joshua called together all the sons of Israel, and their council of elders, and their rulers, and their magistrates, and their scribes, and he said to them, I grow old and advanced in days. 3And you have seen all things as much as [3did 1the  lord 2our God] to all these nations from in front of you; for the  lord our God, he is the one waging war for you. 4Behold whatsoever I said, I cast to you nations, the ones being left to you. These lands will be for lots to your tribes. [4from 5the 6Jordan 1All 2the 3nations] I utterly destroyed, and from the [2sea 1great] you shall define the bounds by the descent of the sun. 5And the  lord your God, he shall utterly destroy them from in front of you, and he shall utterly destroy them from your face; and you shall inherit their land, as [3spoke 1the  lord 2your God] to you. 6Grow strong then exceedingly! to guard and to do all things being written in the scroll of the law of Moses, that you should not turn aside from him to the right or to the left; 7that you should not enter unto [2nations 3being left 1these] with you, and the names of their gods you shall not name among you, and you shall not swear by an oath nor serve, nor shall you do obeisance to them. 8But to the  lord your God you shall cleave, just as you did until this day. 9And [2shall utterly destroy 3them 1the  lord] from your face -- [4nations 1great 2and 3strong]; and to you no one withstood before you until this day. 10[2man 1One] of you pursued a thousand. For the  lord our God, he wages war for you, just as he spoke to you. 11But guard exceedingly your lives! to love the  lord your God. 12For if you should turn away, and should proceed to leave behind these nations with you, and [2connections by marriage 1you should make] with them, and mix together with them, and they with you. 13With knowledge know that in no way shall [3proceed 1the  lord 2your God] to utterly destroy these nations from your face. And they will be to you for snares, and for obstacles, and for nails in your heels, and for arrows in your eyes, until whenever you should destroy them from [2land 1this good] which [3gave 4to you 1the  lord 2your God]. 14But I run today the way as also all the ones upon the earth. And you shall know in [2whole 3heart 1your], and in [2whole 3soul 1your], that [3failed not 2word 1one] from all of the [2words 1good] of which [3spoke 1the  lord 2your God] concerning you; all the things being related to us -- he did not dissent from them [2word 1one]. 15And it will be in which manner [5come 6unto 7you 1all 2the 4things 3good], which [3spoke 1the  lord 2your God] unto you; so the  lord will bring upon you all the [2things 1bad], until he should utterly destroy you from [2land 1this good], of which [3gave 4to you 1the  lord 2your God], 16in your violating the covenant of the  lord your God, which he gave charge to you, and going you shall serve [2gods 1other], and shall do obeisance to them, and [2shall be provoked to anger 3in rage 1the  lord] with you, and you shall perish quickly from the [2land 1good] which [2gave 3to you 1the  lord].
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