Joshua 5


Israel Circumcised at Gilgal

1And it came to pass as [4heard 1all 2the 3kings] (the kings of the Amorites who were on the other side of the Jordan by the sea, and all the kings of Phoenicia by the sea) that [3caused 7to dry up 1the  lord 2God 4the 5Jordan 6river] from before the sons of Israel in their passing over, that [2melted away 1their thoughts], and they were struck with terror, and there was not among them [2with intellect 1any one] because of the presence of the sons of Israel. 2And about this time the  lord said to Joshua, Make for yourself [2knives 1flint rock], and sitting down circumcise the sons of Israel a second time! 3And [2made 3for himself 1Joshua 5knives 4flint rock], and he circumcised the sons of Israel upon the [2being called 1place], Hill of Foreskins. 4And this is the account for which Joshua circumcised all the people, the ones coming forth from Egypt. [2the male 1All] men of war that died in the wilderness in the way of their coming forth from the land of Egypt, 5that [6circumcised 5were 1all 2the 3people 4coming forth]. And all the people being born in the wilderness, in the way of their coming forth from the land of Egypt were not circumcised. For forty years Israel paced in the wilderness. 6Therefore [3were uncircumcised 1most 2of them] of the ones for combat, of the ones coming forth from out of the land of Egypt, the ones resisting the commandments of the  lord God; and the ones whom [2separated 1the  lord] to them, [2to not behold 1for them] the land which the  lord swore by an oath to our fathers to give to us, a land flowing milk and honey. 7 Their sons he firmed instead of these, whom Joshua circumcised. For they were uncircumcised on account of them being born along the way of uncircumcised ones. 8And being circumcised, all the nation [2rest 1had] at that time, sitting down in the camp until they were healed. 9And the  lord said to Joshua, In today's day I removed the scorn of Egypt from you. And he called the name of that place, Gilgal, until this day. 10And [4camped 1the 2sons 3of Israel] in Gilgal. And they observed the passover on the fourteenth day of the month, at evening, at the descent of Jericho in the plain. 11And they ate from the grain of the land on the next day of the passover -- unleavened breads and new corn.

The Manna Fails

12On this day [3failed 1the 2manna], on the next day after their eating from the grain of the land, and no longer [2existed 3to the 4sons 5of Israel 1manna]. And they gathered fruit of the place of the Phoenicians in that year. 13And it came to pass as Joshua was in Jericho, that lifting up his eyes, he beheld a man standing before him, and his broadsword was unsheathed in his hand. And coming forward, Joshua said to him, Are you ours or of our opponents? 14 And he said to him that, I am the commander-in-chief of the force of the  lord, now I have come. And Joshua fell upon his face upon the ground, and he did obeisance, and he said to him, My master what do you assign to your servant? 15And [4says 1the 2commander-in-chief 3of the  lord] to Joshua, Untie your sandal from your feet! for the place upon which you stand upon it is holy. And Josua did thus.
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