Joshua 6


Israel Arrives at Jericho

1And Jericho was closed up, and fortified from before the sons of Israel. And no one went forth from out of it, and neither entered. 2And the  lord said to Joshua, Behold, I deliver up to you [3under your hand 2to you 1Jericho], and its king, the one in it, and the mighty ones in strength. 3And let [4circle 5the 6city 1all 2men 3of war] round about the city! Once thus they shall do for six days. 4And seven priests shall take seven horns of the ram before the ark. And on the [2day 1seventh] circle the city seven times! and the priests shall trump the horns. 5And it will be as whenever you should sound the trumpet of the ram, in your hearing the sound of the horn, let [4shout aloud 1all 2the 3people]! And with their shouting aloud [5shall fall 6by themselves 1the 2walls 3of the 4city] underneath them, and [4shall enter 1all 2the 3people], [2advancing 1each] in front into the city. 6And [4entered 1Joshua 2the son 3of Nun] to the priests, and he said to them, You take the ark of the covenant! and seven priests shall take seven horns of the ram, according to the front of the ark of the  lord. 7And he said to them, saying, Exhort the people to go around and circle the city, and [2the ones 3for combat 1let] come near! arming themselves before the ark of the  lord. 8And it came to pass as Joshua spoke to the people, that the seven priests having seven [2trumpets 1consecrated] also went by likewise before the  lord, and they passed and signified intensely. And the ark of the covenant of the  lord followed after them. 9And the ones for combat came near in front. And the priests trumpeting the horns, and the rest of the multitude all together after the ark of the covenant of the  lord, were going and trumpeting with the horns. 10And to the people Joshua gave charge, saying, Do not yell nor let [2hear 1any one] your voice! There shall not go through from your mouth a word until whenever he himself declares the day to yell out, and you shall yell out then. 11And [6having gone around 1the 2ark 3of the 4covenant 5of God] the city round about, immediately they went forth into the camp, and spent the night there. 12And on the [2day 1second] Joshua rose up in the morning, and [3lifted 1the 2priests] the ark of the  lord. 13And the seven priests, the ones bringing the seven [2trumpets 1consecrated] before the ark the  lord went forth, and the priests trumping the trumpets, and after these, there entered the ones for combat, and the remaining multitude all together were behind the ark of the covenant of the  lord, going and trumping with the horns.

Israel Encircles Jericho Seven Times

14And they encircled the city on the [2day 1second], once near to it; and they went forth again into the camp. So it was done for six days. 15And it came to pass on the [2day 1seventh 5rose up 3the 4expedition] at dawn and went around the city according to this practice seven times, only on that day they circled the city seven times. 16And it came to pass in the [2circuit 1seventh 5trumped 3the 4priests] with trumpets, and Joshua said to the sons of Israel, Cry out, [3delivered up 1for 2the  lord] the city to you! 17And [3will be 1the 2city] an offering for consumption, it and all as much as is in it, to the  lord of the forces. Except Rahab the harlot -- protect her, and all as much as is of hers in the house! for she hid the messengers whom we sent. 18But you guard from the offering for consumption! lest at any time pondering, you should take of the offering for consumption, and should make the camp of the sons of Israel an offering for consumption, and he should obliterate us. 19And all silver or gold, and all brass and iron, will be holy to the  lord; [2into 3the treasury 4of the  lord 1it shall be carried].

The Wall of Jericho Falls

20And [3shouted 1the 2people], and [3trumped 4the 5trumpets 1the 2priests]. And as [3heard 1the 2people] the sound of the trumpets, [4shouted 1all 2the 3people] [4shout 1a great 2and 3strong]. And [3fell 1the 2wall] round about; and [3ascended 1the 2people] into the city, each at his opposite, and overtook the city. 21And they devoted it to consumption, and as much as was in the city, from man and unto woman, from young and unto old, and unto calf and sheep and beast of burden, by the mouth of the broadsword. 22And to the two young men spying out the land, Joshua said, You enter into the house of the woman, the harlot, and lead her from there, and all as much as is with her, as you swore by an oath to her! 23And [4entered 1the 2two 3young men], the ones spying out the city, into the house of the woman; and they led out Rahab the harlot, and her father, and her mother, and her brothers, and all as much as was to her, and her kin. And they placed her outside the camp of Israel. 24And the city was burned by fire with all the things in it. Except silver and gold and all brass and iron they yielded up unto the treasury to be carried in. 25And Rahab the harlot, and all the house of her father, and all the things of hers, Joshua took alive. And she dwelt in Israel until the day today, because she hid the ones spying which Joshua sent to spy out Jericho. 26And Joshua bound them by an oath in that day, saying, Accursed is the man who before the  lord, who shall raise up or shall build that city Jericho; with his first-born he will lay the foundation for it, and with the least of his he shall set the gates of it. 27And the  lord was with Joshua, and [2was 1his name] in all the land.
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