Joshua 7


Achan's Trespass

1And [4trespassed 1the 2sons 3of Israel] a trespass, and pilfered from the offering for consumption. And Achan took (son of Carmi, son of Zabdi, son of Zerah, from the tribe of Judah) from the offering for consumption. And [3was enraged 1the anger 2of the  lord] with the sons of Israel. 2And Joshua sent men from Jericho unto Ai, which is by Beth-aven, according to the east of Beth-el. And he spoke to to them, saying, In ascending, survey the land! And [3ascended 1the 2men] and surveyed Ai. 3And they returned to Joshua, and said to him, Do not let [4ascend 1all 2the 3people], but about two thousand or three thousand men, let them ascend! And let them capture the city! You should not lead there all the people, [3few 1for 2they are]. 4And ascended from the people there about three thousand men. And they fled from the face of the men of Ai.

Israel Defeated at Ai

5And [3killed 4of 5them 1the men 2of Ai] about thirty-six men, and they pursued them from the gate until they defeated them. And they struck them by the incline. And [5was terrified 1the 2heart 3of the 4people], and it became as water. 6And Joshua tore his garments, and fell upon his face upon the earth before the ark of the  lord until evening, he and the elders of Israel. And they put dust upon their heads. 7And Joshua said, I beseech, O Lord, O  lord, why in causing to pass over was [2caused to pass over 1your servant] this people the Jordan, to deliver it to the Amorite to destroy us? And if we stayed and were settled by the Jordan, what is it to me, O  lord. 8And what shall I say when Israel turned the back of the neck before its enemy? 9And hearing, the Canaanite and all the ones dwelling in the land shall surround us, and shall obliterate us from the land. And what will you do [3name 1for your 2great]? 10And the  lord said to Joshua, Rise up! Why do you do this -- fall upon your face? 11[3have sinned 1The 2people], and violated my covenant which I ordained with it. For even they took from the offering for consumption, and stealing they lie, and they cast [3for 1the 2items] themselves. 12And [4in no way 5will be able 1the 2sons 3of Israel] to stand in front of its enemies. [2the back of the neck 1They shall turn] before their enemies, for they were become an offering for consumption. I will not add any longer to be with you, if you should not lift away the offering for consumption from among you of them. 13In rising up, purify the people, and tell them to be sanctified for tomorrow! For thus says the  lord God of Israel, The offering devoted for consumption is among you, O Israel; you shall not be able to withstand before your enemies, until whenever you should lift away the offering for consumption from you. 14And you shall gather all in the morning according to your tribes. And it will be to the tribe which ever the  lord shows, and you shall lead forward according to peoples. And the people which ever the  lord shows you shall lead forward according to house. And the house which ever the  lord shows, by man you shall lead forward. 15And who ever should be pointed out in the offering for consumption, he shall be burnt by the fire himself, and all as much as is his; for he violated the covenant of the  lord, and that he committed a violation of the law in Israel. 16And Joshua rose early in the morning, and he led [3forward 1the 2people] by its tribe. And [4was made manifest 1the 2tribe 3of Judah]. 17And [4were made manifest 3people 1the 2Zarhite]. And he led forward [3people 1the 2Zarhite] according to man, and Zabdi was made manifest. 18And he led forward his house by man, and was made manifest Achan son of Carmi, son of Zabdi, son of Zerah of the tribe of Judah. 19And Joshua said to Achan, O my son, today give indeed glory to the  lord God of Israel, and make to him the acknowledgment, and announce to me what you did! and you should not hide it from me. 20And Achan answered to Joshua, and said, Truly I sinned before the  lord God of Israel, so and so I have done. 21I beheld in the spoils standing bare [3colored robe 1one 2goodly], and two hundred double-drachmas of silver, and [2wedge 3of gold 1one] -- fifty double-drachmas its scale weight. And I coveted them, and I took. And behold, these are hid in the ground in my tent, and the silver is hid underneath them. 22And Joshua sent messengers, and they ran to the tent in the camp; and these were being hid in his tent, and the silver underneath them. 23And they brought them from the tent, and brought them to Joshua, and to all elders of Israel. And they put them before the  lord.

Achan is Killed

24And Joshua took Achan son of Zerah, and the silver, and the robe, and the [2wedge 1gold], and his sons, and his daughters, and his calves, and his beasts of burden, and his sheep, and his tent, and all his possessions, and all Israel with him. And they led them into Emek Achor. 25And Joshua said, Why did you annihilate us [2to utterly destroy 3you 1for the  lord] even today? And [3stoned 4him 1all 2Israel] with stones, and they burned them in fire, and they stoned them with stones. 26And they set over him a heap [2stones 1of great] until this day. And the  lord ceased the rage of anger. Therefore this is the name of it -- Emek Achor, unto this day.
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