Joshua 18


The Tent of Testimony Pitched at Shiloh

1And an assembly was held, all the congregation of the sons of Israel in Shiloh; and they pitched there the tent of the testimony, and the land was seized by them. 2And [4were left 1the 2sons 3of Israel], for [3did not inherit 4their inheritance 1seven 2tribes]. 3And Joshua said to the sons of Israel, For how long shall you faint to enter to inherit the land which [4gave 5to us 1the  lord 2God 3of our fathers]? 4Give from out of yours three men from a tribe, and send them; and rising up let them go through the land, and let them diagram it before me! as it shall behoove to divide it. And they came to him.

The Land Divided into Seven Portions

5And he divided to them seven portions -- Judah shall stand as a border from the south to them, and the sons of Joseph shall stand upon their border from the north. 6And you portion the land into seven portions, and bring the diagram to me here! and I shall bring forth to you a lot here before the  lord your God. 7[3no 1For 2there is] portion to the sons of Levi among you; for the priesthood of the  lord is his portion. And Gad, and Reuben, and the half tribe of Manasseh received its inheritance on the other side of the Jordan eastward, which [5gave 6to them 1Moses 2the 3servant 4of the  lord]. 8And rising up the men went. And Joshua gave charge to the men going to explore the land, saying, Spread, and go through the land, and explore it, and come to me! and I will bring forth to you here a lot before the  lord in Shiloh. 9And [3went 1the 2men] and spread in the land, and explored it. And they beheld it, and they wrote about it according to her cities, seven portions in a scroll, and they brought it to Joshua in the camp in Shiloh. 10And [2cast 3for them 1Joshua] a lot in Shiloh before the  lord.

Benjamin's Lot

11And [2portioned 3there 1Joshua] the land to the sons of Israel according to their distributions. And there came forth the lot of the tribe of the sons of Benjamin first according to their peoples. And [3came forth 1the borders 2of their lot] between the sons of Judah and between the sons of Joseph. 12And [3were 1their 2borders] from the north of the Jordan; [3shall ascend 1the 2borders] by the back of Jericho at the north, and shall ascend unto the mountain to the west; and [2will be 1its outer reaches] Madbariti of Beth-aven. 13And [3will go 4from there 1the 2borders] to Luz from the south -- this is Beth-el. And [3will go down 1the 2borders] from Ataroth Adar upon the mountainous area which is towards the south of Beth-horon, the part below. 14And [3shall go through 1the 2borders] and go around upon the part that looks upon the west from the south, from the mountain upon the face of Beth-horon south. And [2will be 1its outer reaches] unto Kirjath-baal (this is Kirjath-jearim) a city of the sons of Judah. This is the part towards the west. 15And the part towards the south of the part of Kirjath-baal, even shall go through unto Gasin, and it shall go forth to the spring of the water Nephtoah. 16And [3shall go down 1the 2borders] unto the part of the mountain which is at the face of the grove of the son Hinnom, which is of the part of Emek-rephaim from the north, and it shall go down unto Gehenna at the back of Jebus from the south. And it shall go down upon the spring of Rogel. 17And it shall pass out unto the north, and it shall go through to the spring of Beth-shemesh. 18And it shall go by unto Geliloth, which is before by the ascent of Adummim. And it shall go down upon the stone of Bohan of the sons of Reuben. And shall go by the back of Beth-araba from the north, and shall go down to Arabah. And it shall go by at the borders at the back of the sea from the north. 19And [5shall be 1the 2outer reaches 3of the 4borders] upon the ridge of the sea of salts from the north, to part of the Jordan from the south. These [2the 3borders 1are] of the south. 20And the Jordan shall define the bounds of it from the part from the east. This is the inheritance of the sons of Benjamin, its borders round about, according to their peoples. 21And [8were 1the 2cities 3of the 4tribe 5of the 6sons 7of Benjamin] according to their peoples -- Jericho, and Beth-hoglah, and Mekeziz, 22and Beth-arabah, and Zemaraim, and Beth-el, 23and Avim, and Parah, and Ophrah, 24and Chephar-haammonai, and Ophni and Gaba; [2cities 1twelve] and their towns; 25Gibeon, and Ramah, and Beeroth, 26and Mizpeh, and Chephirah, and Mozah, 27and Rekem, and Irpeel, and Taralah, 28and Jebus (this is Jerusalem), and Gibeath, and the city Jearim; [2cities 1thirteen] and their towns. This is the inheritance of the sons of Benjamin according to their peoples.
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