Joshua 4


Twelve Memorial Stones

1And when [4completed 1all 2the 3people] passing over the Jordan, that the  lord spoke to Joshua, saying, 2Taking twelve men from the people, [2man 1one] from each tribe, 3give orders to them! saying, Take up to yourselves from here from the midst of the Jordan, from the station of the feet of the priests, [2prepared 1twelve] stones! And these, in carrying [2across 3together 4with you 1them], put them in your military encampment! where ever you should camp there the night. 4And Joshua calling by name twelve men of the honorable ones from the sons of Israel, [2man 1one] from each tribe, 5[2said 3to them 1Joshua], Lead forward before the presence of the  lord your God into the midst of the Jordan! And by taking up, lift away from there each [2stone 1one] upon his shoulders, according to the number of the tribes of Israel! 6That [2should exist 3to you 1these] for a sign, being situated always; that whenever [2should ask 3you 1your son] tomorrow, saying, What are these stones to you? 7And you shall make manifest to your son, saying that, [4ceased 1The 2Jordan 3river] from in front of the ark of the covenant of the  lord of all the earth as it passed over the Jordan -- even [5ceased 1the 2water 3of the 4Jordan]. And [2shall be 1these stones] to you a memorial to the sons of Israel unto the eon. 8And [4did 5thus 1the 2sons 3of Israel], in so far as the  lord gave charge to Joshua. And taking twelve stones from the midst of the Jordan, just as the  lord gave orders to Joshua, in the completion of the fording of the sons of Israel, that they carried them across together themselves into the camp, and they put them aside there. 9[3set 1And 2Joshua] also another twelve stones in [3itself 1the 2Jordan], in the [2being 1place] under the feet of the priests lifting the ark of the covenant of the  lord. And they are there until today's day. 10[4stood 1And 2the 3priests], the ones lifting the ark of the covenant, in the midst the Jordan, until of which he completed all the words which the  lord gave charge to Joshua to announce to the people, according to all as much as Moses gave charge to Joshua. And [3hastened 1the 2people], and passed over. 11And it came to pass as [4completed 1all 2the 3people] to pass over, that [6passed over 1the 2ark 3of the 4covenant 5of the  lord], and the priests in front of them. 12And there passed over the sons of Reuben, and the sons of Gad, and the half tribe of Manasseh, being equipped in front of the sons of Israel, just as Moses gave charge to them. 13Forty thousand well-equipped for battle passed over before the  lord for war against Jericho the city. 14In that day the  lord increased Joshua before all of Israel, and they feared him as they feared Moses, as much time as he lived. 15And the  lord spoke to Joshua, saying, 16Give charge to the priests lifting the ark of the covenant of the testimony! to go up out of the Jordan. 17And Joshua gave charge to the priests, saying, Go up out of the Jordan! 18And it came to pass as [3went up 1the 2priests], the ones lifting the ark of the covenant of the  lord, from the midst of the Jordan, that [3put 4the 5feet 1the 2priests] upon the dry land, and [5advanced 1the 2water 3of the 4Jordan] according to place, and it went as also yesterday and the third day before, through all its bank. 19And the people ascended from out of the Jordan on the tenth of the [2month 1first]. And [4bivouacked 1the 2sons 3of Israel] in Gilgal in the part towards the sun, rising by Jericho. 20And [2twelve 3stones 1these] which he took from out of the Jordan, Joshua set in Gilgal. 21And he spoke to the sons of Israel, saying, Whenever [2ask 1your sons 4tomorrow 3you], saying, What are these stones? 22You announce to your sons! saying that, [3upon 4dry ground 1Israel passed over 2this Jordan]. 23[3caused 8to dry up 1The  lord 2our God 4the 5water 6of the 7Jordan] from in front of them, until of which time they passed over, just as [3did 1the  lord 2our God] to the [2sea 1red], which [3caused to dry up 1the  lord 2God] in front of us until we went by. 24So that [6might know 1all 2the 3nations 4of the 5earth] that the power of the  lord is strong, and that you should worship the  lord our God at all time.
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