Contend for the Faith

1Jude, [2of Jesus 3Christ 1bondman], and brother of James, to the ones [2in 3God 4the father 1having been sanctified], and of Jesus Christ being kept -- called ones. 2Mercy to you, and [2peace 3and 4love 1may] be multiplied. 3Beloved, [2all 3diligence 1having] to write to you concerning the common deliverance, [2necessity 1I had] to write to you, exhorting you to contend earnestly in the [2once 3delivered up 4to the 5holy ones 1belief].

Beware of Evil Men

4For crept in certain men, the ones earlier being written about beforehand in this judgment -- impious, [2the 4of our God 3favor 1transposing] into lewdness, and [2the 3only 4master 1God] and our Lord Jesus Christ denying. 5[3to remind 1And 4you 2I want], [3knowing 1you 2once] this, that the Lord [2people 3from out of 4the land 5of Egypt 1having delivered], the second of the ones not believing he destroyed. 6Also angels not keeping their own sovereignty, but leaving their own dwelling-place, [6for 9judgment 8of great 7a day 3bonds 2in everlasting 4under 5the infernal region 1he keeps]. 7As Sodom and Gomorrah, and the [2around 3them 1cities] likened to these in manner given themselves to fornication, and having gone after [2flesh 1other], are situated as an example, [4fire 3of eternal 2punishment 1undergoing]. 8In like manner however also these dreaming ones, [3the flesh 1indeed 2defile], [3lordships 1and 2annul], [3glorious things 1and 2blaspheme]. 9 And Michael the archangel, when [2the 3devil 1litigating against], reasoned concerning Moses's body, did not dare [3case 1to bear 2a blasphemous], but said, May [2reproach 3you 1the Lord]. 10But these indeed as many things as they know not of, they blaspheme; and as many things as [2physically 4as 5illogical 6living creatures 1they 3have knowledge of], in these things they corrupt themselves. 11Woe to them, for in the way of Cain they went, and in the delusion of Balaam for a wage they shed, and in the dispute of Core perished. 12These are in your love feasts as hidden reefs, feasting together among you, fearlessly tending themselves; [2clouds 1waterless 4by 5winds 3being carried about]; [3trees 2autumnal 1unfruitful] twice having died, being rooted out; 13[2waves 1wild] of the sea foaming up their own shame; [2stars 1wandering], ones to whom the infernal region of darkness [2into 3the 4eon 1is being kept]. 14[7prophesied 1And 2also 8to these 4the seventh 5from 6Adam 3Enoch], saying, Behold, the Lord came with [2holy 3myriads 1his], 15executing judgment against all, and to reprove all the impious of them concerning all the works of their impiety which they were impious; and concerning all of the hard things which [3spoke 4against 5him 2sinners 1impious]. 16These are grumblers being discontented, [2according to 3their desires 1going]; and their mouth speaks pompous things, admiring a person for the benefit of favor.

Regarding the End Time

17But you beloved, remember the sayings! the ones being described beforehand by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ. 18For they said to you, that in the end of time there will be mockers [2according to 3their own 4desires 1going] of the impious deeds. 19These are the ones separating bounds, physical, [3spirit 1not 2having]. 20But you, beloved, [3in 4your most holy 5belief 1building up 2yourselves], [2in 4spirit 3holy 1praying]. 21[2yourselves 3in 4love 5of God 1keep]! waiting for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, unto life eternal. 22And indeed on some show mercy, scrutinizing! 23And some with fear, deliver from the fire by seizing! Detesting even the [3by 4the 5flesh 2being stained 1inner garment]. 24But to him being able to keep them steady, and to stand them in front of his glory unblemished in exultation, 25to the only wise God, our deliverer, be glory and greatness, might and authority, even now and into all the eons. Amen.
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