Judges 11


Jephthah Judges Israel

1And Jephthah the Gileadite was mighty in strength. And he was the son [2woman 1of a harlot]. And she bore [2to 3Gilead 1Jephthah]. 2And [3bore 1the 2wife] to Gilead himself sons. And [5matured 1the 2sons 3of the 4woman], and they cast out Jephthah, and said to him, You shall not inherit among the house of our father, for [3a son 5woman 4of a mistress 1you 2are]. 3And Jephthah ran away from the face of his brothers, and he dwelt in the land of Tob. And [3collected together 4with 5Jephthah 2men 1cheap], and went forth together with him. 4And it came to pass after some days, that [4waged war 1the 2sons 3of Ammon] against Israel. And it came to pass when [4waged war 1the 2sons 3of Ammon] with Israel, 5that [4went forth 1the 2elders 3of Gilead] to take Jephthah from the land of Tob. 6And they said to Jephthah, Come, and you will be to us as a leader, for we shall make war with the sons of Ammon. 7And Jephthah said to the elders of Gilead, Did you not detest me, and cast me from out of the house of my father, and sent me from you? And why is it that you came to me now when you are afflicted? 8And [4said 1the 2elders 3of Gilead] to Jephthah, Not so, now we gathered together to you, and you shall go with us, and we shall wage war against the sons of Ammon, and you will be to us as head to all the ones dwelling in Gilead. 9And Jephthah said to the elders of Gilead, If you return me to yourselves to make war against the sons of Ammon, and [2should deliver 1the  lord] them before me, I will be to you for head ruler. 10And [4said 1the 2elders 3of Gilead] to Jephthah, Let the  lord be the one hearing between us! if we do not do according to your word thus we will do. 11And Jephthah went with the elders of Gilead, and [3established 1the 2people] him over them as head, and for leader. And Jephthah spoke all his words before the  lord in Mizpeh. 12And Jephthah sent messengers to the king of the sons of Ammon, saying, What is it to me and to you, that you come to me to wage war in my land? 13And [4said 1the king 2of the sons 3of Ammon] to the messengers of Jephthah, Because Israel took my land in their ascending from out of Egypt, from Arnon unto Jabok, and unto the Jordan. And now return them with peace! 14And [2added 1Jephthah again], and he sent messengers to the king of the sons of Ammon. 15And they said to him, Thus says Jephthah, [2did not 3take 1Israel] the land of Moab, and the land of the sons of Ammon. 16In their ascending from out of Egypt, it is that Israel went in the wilderness unto [2sea 1the red], and came to Kadesh. 17And Israel sent messengers to the king of Edom, saying, I shall go through your land. And [3did not 4hearken 1the king 2of Edom], and indeed to the king of Moab Israel sent, and he would not, and Israel settled in Kadesh. 18And Israel went through in the wilderness, and encircled the land of Edom and the land of Moab. And it arrived according to the rising of the sun of the land of Moab, and camped on the other side of Arnon, and did not enter into the border of Moab. 19And [2sent 3messengers 1Israel] to Sihon king of the Amorites, king of Heshbon. And [2said 3to him 1Israel], I shall go by through your land unto my place. 20And [2did not 3want 1Sihon] Israel to go through his borders. And Sihon gathered all his people, and they camped at Jahaz, and he waged war with Israel. 21And [4delivered up 1the  lord 2God 3of Israel] Sihon and all his people into the hand of Israel, and they struck them, and Israel inherited all the land of the Amorites dwelling in that land. 22And Israel inherited all the border of the Amorites, from Arnon and unto the Jabok, and from the wilderness unto the Jordan. 23And now the  lord God of Israel lifted away the Amorite from the face of his people Israel, and you, shall you inherit it? 24Is it not that as much as [3allots 4to you 1Chemosh 2your god], them you will inherit? And all as much as [3inherits 1the  lord 2our God] from your person we shall inherit them. 25And now [3any better 1are 2you] than Balak son of Sephor king of Moab? Did he with battle do combat with Israel, or by war wage war with them? 26In the living of Israel in Heshbon, and in her daughter cities, and in Aroer, and in her daughter cities, and in all the cities by the Jordan for three hundred years -- Why is it that you did not rescue them in that time? 27And I sinned not against you, but you do [2with 3me 1wickedness] to wage war against me. May the  lord judge, the one judging today, between the sons of Israel and between the sons of Ammon. 28And [4would not 5hearken to 1the king 2of the sons 3of Ammon] the words of Jephthah which he sent to him. 29And [3became 4upon 5Jephthah 1spirit 2of the  lord], and he passed over Gilead, and Manasseh, and he passed over the height of Gilead, and from the height of Gilead to the other side of the sons of Ammon.

Jephthah's Vow

30And Jephthah vowed a vow to the  lord, and he said, If by delivering up you should deliver up the sons of Ammon in my hand, 31then it will be concerning the one going forth, who ever might come from the doors of my house for meeting me in my returning in peace from the sons of Ammon, that it will be to the  lord, and I will offer him a whole burnt-offering. 32And Jephthah passed over to the sons of Ammon to wage war against them. And [2delivered 3them 1the  lord] into his hand. 33And he struck them from Aroer even unto the coming to Minnith -- twenty cities, and unto the Abel vineyards, [3beating 2great 1an exceedingly]. And [4showed respect 1the 2sons 3of Ammon] in front of the sons of Israel. 34And Jephthah came to Mizpeh to his house. And behold, his daughter went forth for meeting him with tambourines and dancers, and she was an only child. And there was not to him [4besides 5her 1a son 2or 3daughter]. 35And it happened when he beheld her, that he tore his garments, and said, Alas my daughter you impede me, for [2an impediment 1you became] in my eyes, and I opened my mouth concerning you to the  lord, and I shall not be able to turn back. 36And she said to him, If about me you opened your mouth to the  lord, let him do to me in which manner it came forth from out of your mouth, because [2did 4for you 1the  lord 3vengeance] on your enemies, of the sons of Ammon. 37And she said to her father, And do to me this thing! Allow me two months and I shall go and shall come down upon the mountains, and I shall weep over the tokens of my virginity, I and my female companions. 38And he said, Go! And he sent her out for two months. And she went, she and her female companions. And they wept over the tokens of her virginity upon the mountains. 39And it came to pass after the end of the two months, that she returned to her father, and Jephthah completed his vow which he vowed. And she did not know a man. And it became an order in Israel, 40from days unto days [4go with one another 1the 2daughters 3of Israel] to wail over the daughter of Jephthah the Gileadite four days in the year.
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