Judges 16


Samson Carries Away the Gates of the City

1And Samson went into Gaza, and saw there a woman harlot, and he entered to her. 2And it was reported to the Gazites, saying, Samson comes here. And they encircled, and laid in wait for him the entire night at the gate of the city. And they were silent the entire night, saying, [2until 3light shows through 4at dawn 1We should wait], and we should kill him. 3And Samson went to bed until midnight. And he rose up at half the night, and he took hold of the doors of the gate of the city, and the two doorposts, and carried them with the bar, and put them upon his shoulders, and bore them upon the top of the mountain which is at the face of Hebron.

Samson and Delilah

4And it came to pass after this, that he loved a woman by the rushing stream Sorek, and her name was Delilah. 5And [5ascended 6to 7her 1the 2satraps 3of the 4Philistines], and said to her, Beguile him, and see by what means [3strength 1his 4is 2great], and by what means we shall be able to prevail against him, and tie him so as to humble him. And we will give to you by man a thousand and a hundred pieces of silver. 6And Delilah said to Samson, Explain indeed to me by what means [3strength is 1your 2great]! and by what means you shall be tied so as to humble you? 7And [2said 3to 4her 1Samson], If they should tie me with seven [2strings of a bow 1wet] that are not ruined, then I will be weakened, and I will be as one of the men. 8And [5brought 6to her 1the 2satraps 3of the 4Philistines] seven [2strings of a bow 1wet] not ruined. And she tied him with them. 9And the ambush sat down for him in the storeroom. And she said to him, The Philistines are upon you, Samson. And he tore up the strings of the bow in which manner one pulls apart yarn of hemp in its smelling of fire, and [2was not 3made known 1his strength]. 10And Delilah said to Samson, Behold, you misled me, and you spoke to me by lying. Now then report to me! how you shall be tied. 11And he said to her, If by binding, they should tie me by [2ropes 1new] which were not used in work, then I shall be weak, and I will be as one of the men. 12And Delilah took [2ropes 1new], and tied him with them. And she said to him, The Philistines are upon you, Samson. And the ambush sat in the storeroom. And he pulled them from his arms as thread. 13And Delilah said to Samson, Until now you misled me, and spoke to me lying. Announce indeed to me! by what means you shall be tied. And he said to her, If you should weave the seven strands of hair of my head with the warp, and hammer with the peg into the wall, then I will be weak as one of the men. 14And it came to pass in his going to sleep, that Delilah took the seven strands of his head, and weaved them with the warp, and pinned them to the peg into the wall. And she said to him, The Philistines are upon you, Samson. And he was awakened from his sleep, and he pulled out the pegs in the woven work from out of the wall, and the warp; for he did not know his strength. 15And [2said 3to 4him 1Delilah], How do you say, I love you, and your heart is not with me? This third time you misled me, and did not report to me by what means [3strength is 1your 2great]. 16And it came to pass when she worked him by her words the whole night, and troubled him, so that he was faint-hearted unto death. 17And he reported to her all the things from his heart. And said to her, A razor shall not ascend upon my head, for [3a Nazarite 4of God 1I 2am] from the belly of my mother; and if I should be shaven, [2shall leave 3from 4me 1my strength], and I shall be weakened, and I will be as all the men. 18And Delilah knew that he reported to her all his heart. And she sent and called the satraps of the Philistines, saying, Ascend this once! for he reported to me all his heart. And ascended up to her all the satraps of the Philistines, and they brought the silver into her hands. 19And she rested him between her knees. And she called the barber, and he shaved the seven curls of his head; and it began to humble him, and [2left 1his strength] from him.

Samson Is Taken Captive and Blinded

20And Delilah said, The Philistines are upon you, Samson. And he was awakened from out of his sleep. And he said, I shall go forth, and I shall do as continually before, and I shall brush myself off. And he did not know that the  lord left from him. 21And [3took hold of 4him 1the 2Philistines], and gouged out his eyes, and carried him unto Gaza. And they bound him with shackles of brass, and he was grinding in the house of the prison. 22And [3began 1the hair 2of his head] to grow, as he was shaven. 23And the rulers of the Philistines came together to sacrifice [2sacrifice 1a great] to Dagon their god, and to be merry. And they said, [2delivered 1Our god] into our hand Samson our enemy. 24And [3saw 4him 1the 2people], and they praised their god, for they said, [2delivered 1Our god] our enemy into our hands, the one making [2quite desolate 1our land], who multiplied our slain. 25And it came to pass when [2was feeling good 1their heart], that they said, Call Samson from out of the house of the prison, and let him play before us! And they called Samson from out of the house of the jail, and they sported with him. And they stood him in between the two posts. 26And Samson said to the young man leading him by the hand, Allow me! for I should handle the monumental pillars upon of which the house stays upon them. 27And the house was full of the men and women, and [6were there 1all 2the 3satraps 4of the 5Philistines]. And upon the roof were about three thousand men and women, looking at and mocking Samson. 28And Samson yelled to the  lord, and said, O  lord, O  lord, remember me, and strengthen me indeed besides! even this once O God, and I will avenge [2vengeance 1one] against [4two 5eyes 3for my 1the 2Philistines]. 29And Samson took hold of the two posts in the midst upon which the house stood, and he stayed against them, one at his right hand, and one at at his left.

Samson Pulls Down the House of the Philistines

30And Samson said, Let [2die 1my soul] with the Philistines. And he leaned in strength, and [3fell 1the 2house] upon the satraps, and upon all the people in it. And [6were 1the ones 2having died 3whom 5put to death 4Samson] in his death many over whom he put to death in his life. 31And [2went down 1his brothers], and all the house of his father, and they took him, and they ascended and entombed him between Zorah and between Esthaol in the burying-place of Manoah his father. And he judged Israel twenty years.
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