Judges 17


Micah Makes a Molten Image

1And there was a man of mount Ephraim, and his name was Micah. 2And he said to his mother, The thousand and hundred pieces of silver seized from you, and you adjured and said it in my ears -- behold, the silver is with me, I took it. And [2said 1his mother], Being blessed is my son in the  lord. 3And he gave back the thousand and hundred pieces of silver to his mother. And [2said 1his mother], By sanctification, I sanctified the silver to the  lord out of my hand alone, to make a carving and molten image, and now I will give it back to you. 4And he gave back the silver to his mother. Then [2took 1his mother] two hundred of the pieces of silver, and gave them to the smelterer. And he made it into a carving and molten image. And it was in the house of Micah. 5And the house of Micah was to him the house of God. And he made an ephod and teraphim. And he filled up the hand of one of his sons, and he became to him for a priest. 6In those days there was not a king in Israel; a man [2upright 3in 4his own eyes 1did].

A Levite Becomes Micah's Priest

7And there was a young man from out of Beth-lehem Judah from the kin of Judah, and he was a Levite, and he sojourned there. 8And [3went 1the 2man] from the city of Beth-lehem Judah to sojourn where ever he should find. And he came unto mount Ephraim, and unto the house of Micah, making his way. 9And [2said 3to him 1Micah], From what place come you? And he said to him, [3a Levite 1I 2am] from Beth-lehem Judah, and I go to sojourn where ever I should find. 10And [2said 3to him 1Micah], Sit down with me, and become to me as a father and as priest, and I will give to you ten silver pieces for days, and a pair of clothes, and the things for your means of life. 11And [3went 1the 2Levite], and he began to sojourn by the man. And [3became 1the 2young man] to him as one of his sons. 12And Micah filled up the hand of the Levite, and [3became 4to him 1the 2young man] for a priest, and he was in the house of Micah. 13And Micah said, Now I know that [2did good 3to me 1the  lord], for [3became 4to me 1the 2Levite] for a priest.
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