Judges 19


A Levite and His Concubine

1And there was a man, a Levite, sojourning on the sides of mount Ephraim. And he took to himself a woman concubine from Beth-lehem Judah. 2And [2provoked him to anger 1his concubine], and she went forth from him unto the house of her father in Beth-lehem Judah, and she was there the days of four months. 3And [2rose up 1her husband] and went after her, to speak unto her heart, to reconcile her; and his servant was with him, and a pair of beasts of burden. And he went unto the house of her father. And [5beheld 6him 1the 2father 3of the 4young woman], and was at hand for meeting him. 4And [2brought him in 1his father-in-law], the father of the young woman, and he stayed with him three days. And they ate and drank and slept there. 5And it came to pass on the [2day 1fourth], that they rose early in the morning, and he rose up to depart. And [5said 1the 2father 3of the 4young woman] to his son-in-law, Support your heart with a piece of bread, and after this go! 6And he sat down, and [2ate 1both] together, and drank. And [5said 1the 2father 3of the 4young woman] to the man, For a beginning, lodge and do good to your heart! 7And [3rose up 1the 2man] to depart. And [2forced 3him 1his father-in-law], and he stayed and lodged there. 8And he rose early in the morning on the [2day 1fifth] to depart. And [5said 1the 2father 3of the 4young woman], Support indeed your heart with bread, and soldier until [3should decline 1the 2day]! And [2ate 3and 4drank 1both]. 9And [3rose up 1the 2man] to go, he and his concubine, and his servant. And [2said 3to him 1his father-in-law], the father of the young woman, Behold, indeed [2is declined 1the day] into evening, lodge here and do good to your heart, and rise early tomorrow unto your way, and you shall depart unto your tent! 10And [3did not want 1the 2man] to lodge. And he rose up and went forth and came unto before Jebus, this is Jerusalem, and with him were a pair of beasts of burden being saddled, and his concubine with him. 11And they were near Jebus, and the day declined exceedingly. And [3said 1the 2servant] to his master, Come please, even we should turn aside into [2city 3of the 4Jebusites 1this], and lodge in it. 12And [2said 3to 4him 1his master], In no way shall we turn aside into [2city 1an alien], in which there is no one from the sons of Israel; even we shall go by unto Gibeah. 13And he said to his servant, Come, for we should approach one of the places, and we should lodge in Gibeah or in Ramah. 14And they went by, and [3went down 4on them 1the 2sun] being next to Gibeah, which is of Benjamin.

The Evil in Gibeah

15And they turned aside there to enter to rest up in Gibeah. And he entered and sat in the square of the city, and there is no man bringing them into the house to rest up. 16And behold, [2man 1an old] entered from his works from out of the field at evening, and the man was from mount Ephraim, and he sojourned in Gibeah; and the men of the place were sons of Benjamin. 17And he looked up with his eyes, and he saw the man, the one journeying in the square of the city. And [4said 3man 1the 2old], Where are you going, and from what place come you? 18And he said to him, We are passing over from Beth-lehem of Judah unto the side of mount Ephraim. [4from there 1And 2I 3am], and I went unto Beth-lehem of Judah, and [3to 4my house 1I 2run]; but there is no man bringing me into a house. 19And indeed straw and fodder exists for our donkeys, and indeed bread and wine exists to me, and to the maidservant, and to the servant; and to your servants there is no deficiency of any thing. 20And [4said 1the 3man 2old], Peace to you; only let any deficiency of yours be upon me, only [3in 4the 5square 1you should not 2rest up]. 21And he brought him into his house, and camped his beasts of burden. And they washed their feet, and they ate and drank. 22And they were doing [2good 1their heart]; and behold, the men of the city, sons of lawbreakers, encircled the house, and knocked upon the door; and they said to the man, the master of the house, the old man, saying, Lead out the man entering into your house, that we should know him. 23And [3came forth 4to 5them 1the 2man], the master of the house, and he said to them, By no means, my brethren, you should not do evil indeed with [2entering 1this man] into my house; you should not do this folly. 24Behold, my daughter the virgin, and his concubine; and I will bring them, and you humble them, and do to them the good thing in your eyes, but to this man you should not do the thing of this folly. 25And [3did not 4want 1the 2men] to hear him. And [3took hold 1the 2man] of his concubine, and led her to them outside. And they knew her, and sported with her the entire night until the morning. And they sent her at the same time the [2ascended 1dawn].

The Levite's Concubine Perishes

26And [3came 1the 2woman] in the morning, and fell by the door of the vestibule of the house of the man of whom [2was 1her master] there, until of which time light shown through. 27And [2rose up 1her master] in the morning, and he opened the doors of the house, and he came forth to depart into his way. And behold, the woman, his concubine, was fallen by the door of the house, and her hands were upon the threshold. 28And he said to her, Rise up, for we should go forth! And she did not answer to him for she had died. And he lifted her upon the beast of burden, and [3rose up 1the 2man] and went forth to his place. 29And he entered into his house, and he took the knife, and took hold of his concubine, and dismembered her according to her bones into twelve portions, and he sent them unto all the tribes of Israel. 30And it came to pass all the ones seeing said, Neither happened, nor was thus seen from the days of the ascending of the sons of Israel from out of the land of Egypt until this day. Appoint indeed to yourselves [2concerning 3her 1counsel] and speak!
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