Judges 21


Wives for the Tribe of Benjamin

1And the man of Israel swore by an oath in Mizpeh, saying, [2man 3from 4us 1No] shall give his daughter to Benjamin for a wife. 2And [4came 1all 2the 3people] unto Beth-el, and sat there until evening before God. And they lifted their voice and wept [2weeping 1a great]. 3And they said, Why, O  lord God of Israel, was this taken place in Israel, to overlook today in Israel [2tribe 1one]? 4And it happened the next day that [3rose early 1the 2people], and they built there an altar, and offered a whole burnt-offering of deliverance. 5And [4said 1the 2sons 3of Israel], Who is the one not ascending among the assembly from all of the tribes of Israel to the  lord? For [3oath 2a great 1there was] concerning the one not ascending to the  lord in Mizpeh, saying, To death he shall die. 6And [4relented 1the 2sons 3of Israel] concerning [2Benjamin 1their brother], and said, [5is removed 6today 2tribe 1one 3from 4Israel]. 7What should we do to them, to the ones left behind for wives, for we swore by an oath to the  lord to not give to them from our daughters for wives? 8And they said, What one is there of the tribes of Israel which did not ascend to the  lord in Mizpeh? And behold, no [2came 1man] to the camp from Jabish Gilead to the assembly. 9And [3were numbered 1the 2people], And behold, there is not there a man from the ones dwelling in Jabish Gilead.

Jabish Gilead is Struck by the Sword

10And [3sent 4there 1the 2congregation] twelve thousand men from the sons of the force. And they gave charge to them, saying, Go and strike all the ones dwelling in Jabish Gilead by the mouth of the broadsword, even the women and the people! 11And this is the word which you shall do. Every male and every woman knowing the marriage-bed of a man you shall devote to consumption. 12And they found of ones dwelling Jabish Gilead four hundred young women virgins, the ones that knew not a man, in the marriage-bed of a man. And they led them into the camp in Shiloh which is in the land of Canaan. 13And [4sent 1all 2the 3congregation] and spoke to the sons of Benjamin, of the ones at the rock of Rimmon, and they called them for peace. 14And Benjamin returned to the sons of Israel in that time, and they gave them the women who were of the women of Jabish Gilead, and it pleased them thus. 15And the people were comforted concerning Benjamin, for [3made 1the 2  lord] a breach among the tribes of Israel. 16And [5said 1the 2elders 3of the 4congregation], What shall we do to the remaining for wives, now that [2was removed 3from 4Benjamin 1the woman]? 17And he said, An inheritance for the ones surviving to Benjamin, that in no way [2should be wiped away 1a tribe] from Israel. 18For we are not able to give to them wives from our daughters, for [4swore by an oath 1the 2sons 3of Israel], saying, Accursed is the one giving a wife to Benjamin. 19And they said, Behold, there is a holiday to the  lord in Shiloh from days to days, which is from the north of Beth-el, according to the rising of the sun, upon the corridor ascending from Beth-el unto Shechem, and from south of Lebonah.

Benjamin Snatches Wives from Shiloh

20And they gave charge to the sons of Benjamin, saying, Go forth and lie in wait at the vineyards! 21And look and behold, whenever [6should come forth 1the 2daughters 3of the ones 4dwelling in 5Shiloh] joining in a dance with a company of dancers, then you shall come forth from the vineyards, and let [2seize by force 3to himself 1a man] a wife from the daughters of Shiloh! then you shall depart unto the land of Benjamin. 22And it will be whenever [4should come 1their fathers 2or 3their brothers] to quarrel with us, that we shall say to them, Show mercy on them! for [2did not take 1a man] to himself a wife in the battle, for you did not give to them according to the time which you trespassed. 23And [4did 5thus 1the 2sons 3of Benjamin]; and they took wives according to their number from the ones dancing, whom they snatched. And they went and returned unto their inheritance, and they built up the cities, and dwelt in them. 24And [4walked 5from there 1the 2sons 3of Israel] in that time, each man to his tribe, and to his kin; and [2went forth 3from there 1each man] to his inheritance. 25In those days there was not a king in Israel. A man [2the 3upright thing 4in 5his eyes 1did].
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