Judges 5


The Song of Deborah and Barak

1And [6sang 1Deborah 2and 3Barak 4son 5of Abinoam] in that day, and said, 2In the rule of chiefs in Israel, in resolve of people, bless the  lord! 3Hear, O kings! Give ear, O satraps! I [2to the 3  lord 1shall sing], and I shall strum to the God of Israel. 4O  lord, in your exodus from Seir, in your departing from out of the field of Edom, the earth was shaken, and indeed the heaven was disturbed, and the clouds dripped water. 5Mountains shook from the face of the  lord; this Sinai from the face of the  lord God of Israel. 6In the days of Shamgar son of Anath, in the days of Jael, [2failed 1the ways], and they went by short cuts. They went by ways being turned aside. 7[5failed 1The 2ones dwelling 3in 4Israel], they failed until of which time Deborah rose up, that [2rose up 1a mother] in Israel. 8They selected new gods, then [3waged war 1cities 2of rulers]; [3for protection 4of young women 1spears 2appeared], even a spear -- forty thousand in Israel. 9 My heart is with the things ordered to Israel. The mighty of the people -- you bless the  lord! 10O ones mounting upon beasts of burden, upon covered royal chariots, sitting down upon a judgment seat, and going by the way -- utter! 11A sound of the men playing music in the midst of ones making merry. There they shall give righteousness to the  lord. O righteousness grow in strength in Israel! Then shall go down into his cities the people of the  lord. 12Awaken, awaken, O Deborah! Awaken, awaken! Speak with an ode! Rise up, O Barak! And take captive your captivity, O son of Abinoam! 13Then [2was magnified 1his strength]. O  lord abase to me the ones stronger than me! People Ephraim punished them in the valley. Your brother Benjamin among your peoples. 14Ephraim rooted them out among Amalek. After you, Benjamin, with your peoples. Of me, Machir, they came down searching out; and from Zebulun growing in strength in chiefdom of the narrative of a scribe. 15And the rulers were in Issachar with Deborah and Issachar; so Barak in the valley sent out his footmen in the divisions of Reuben -- in great restrictions of heart. 16Why with me did you settle between the sheepfolds to listen to whistlings arousing to go through for the ones of Reuben -- in great trackings out of heart? 17Gilead [2on 3the 4other side 5of the 6Jordan 1encamped]. And Dan -- why does he sojourn in boats? Asher sojourns by the shore of seas, and at his breaches he will encamp. 18Zebulun -- a people berating their soul to death; and Naphtali was upon the heights of a field. 19[2came 1Kings] and deployed; then [3waged war 1the kings 2of Canaan] in Taanach, at the water of Megiddo; a desire for wealth of silver they did not have. 20From the heaven they deployed; the stars from their order deployed against Sisera. 21The rushing stream Kishon cast them out, the rushing stream of antiquity, the rushing stream Kishon; [4shall trample 5them 3soul 1my 2mighty]. 22Then they were impeded, the heels of horses [2with diligence 1were hastened] by his mighty ones. 23Curse Meroz! said the angel of the  lord. With a curse, curse every one dwelling in it! for they came not to the help of the  lord. The  lord is a helper against warriors. 24May she be blessed of women -- Jael wife of Heber the Kenite; above the women in the tent may she be blessed. 25[3for water 1He asked 2her], and [2milk 1she gave] to him in a pan; [3of strong ones 1she drew near 2butter]. 26 [2her hand 3for 4a peg 1She stretched out], and her right for the hammer of a laborer; and she struck [2with a hammer 1Sisera]; she nailed his head; yes, she struck, she nailed his temple. 27In between her feet bowing he fell; he slept between her feet; he bent; he fell; in which he bent there he fell miserably. 28Through the window [4looked 5and 6studied 1the 2mother 3of Sisera] -- through the latticed window. Why was [2late 1his chariot] to arrive? Why did [3pass time 1the track 2of his chariots]? 29[3wise ladies 2leading 1Her] answered to her, and she returned her words to herself. 30Shall they not find him dividing the spoils? Befriending friends to [2head ruler 1a mighty]. Spoils of dyed things for Sisera, spoils of dyed embroidery dipped. Dyed embroidered works, [2for his neck 1spoils]. 31Thus may [3be destroyed 1all 2your enemies], O  lord. And the ones loving him be as the rising of the sun in his power. And [3was quiet 1the 2land] forty years.
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