Lamentations 1


Jeremiah Wails Over Jerusalem

1And it came to pass after [2was taken captive 1Israel], and Jerusalem was made desolate, Jeremiah sat down weeping, and he wailed this lamentation over Jerusalem, and he said,  ΑΛΕΦ How does [5sit 6alone 1the 2city 3being filled 4with peoples]; she became as a widow, becoming filled among the nations; ruling in the regions, she became for tribute. 2 ΒΗΘ In weeping, she wept in the night, and her tears are upon her cheeks, and no one existed comforting her from all of the ones loving her. All the ones being fond of her discarded her, they became to her for enemies. 3 ΓΙΜΑΛ Judea was displaced because of her humiliation, and because of the multitude of her servitude. She stays among the nations, she did not find rest. All the ones pursuing her overtook her in the midst of the ones afflicting. 4 ΔΑΛΕΘ The ways of Zion mourn by reason of there not being ones coming to the holiday feast. All her gates have been obliterated. Her priests are groaning, her virgins are being led captive, and she is being embittered in herself. 5 Η [4became 1The ones 2afflicting 3her] the head, and her enemies are straightened; for the  lord humbled her over the multitude of her impieties. Her infants went into captivity in front of the one afflicting. 6 ΟΥΑΥ And went forth from the daughter of Zion all her beauty. [2became 1Her rulers] as rams not finding pasture, and going with no strength in front of the one pursuing. 7 ΖΑΙΝ Jerusalem remembered the days of her humiliation, and her repulsions. All her desirable things, as many as were from [2days 1ancient] during the falling of her people into the hands of the one afflicting, and there was no one helping her. Seeing, her enemies laughed upon her displacement. 8 ΗΘ [3a sin 2sinned 1Jerusalem]; on account of this [2for 3tossing about 1she became]. All the ones glorifying her humbled her, for they beheld her indecency. And indeed she is moaning herself and turns to the rear. 9 ΤΗΘ Her uncleanness is before her feet, she did not remember her end, and she brought down enormously. There is no comforting her. Behold O  lord my humiliation, for [3was magnified 1the 2enemy]! 10 ΙΩΘ [3his hand 4spread forth 1The one 2afflicting] upon all the desirable things of hers. For she saw nations entering into her sanctuary -- the ones which I charged [2not 3to enter 1them] into your assembly. 11 ΧΑΦ All her people are groaning seeking bread. They gave the desirable things of hers for food to restore their soul. Behold, O  lord, and look upon! for she became as one being disgraced. 12 ΛΑΜΕΔ [2the ones 4to 5you 1All 3coming near] in the way turn and see if there is a pain as my pain which happened to me. The one uttering a sound to me humbled me -- the  lord in a day of anger of his rage. 13 ΜΗΜ From out of his height he sent fire in my bones, and he led it down. He opened and spread out a net for my feet. He turned me to the rear. He appointed me for being removed from view; an entire day for grieving. 14 ΝΟΥΝ He was vigilant concerning my acts of impiety; [2in 3my hands 1they are closely joined]; they ascended unto my neck. [2is weakened 1My strength], for the  lord put [2in 3my hands 1griefs]; I shall not be able to stand. 15 ΣΑΜΕΧ [3lifted away 4all 5my strong men 1The 2  lord] from the midst of me. He called upon me a time to break my choice men. [3the wine vat 2trod 1The  lord] for the virgin daughter of Judah. 16 ΑΙΝ Over these things I weep; my eye led down water, For far from me is the one comforting me, the one restoring my soul. [3were 2sons 1My] obliterated, for [3conquered 1the 2enemy]. 17 ΦΗ Zion opened and spread out her hands; there is no one comforting her. The  lord gave charge to Jacob; round about him are the ones afflicting him. Jerusalem was as a woman sitting apart unclean in the midst of them. 18 ΣΑΔΗ [3just 2is 1The  lord]; for [2his mouth 1I greatly embittered]. Hear indeed all peoples, and behold my pain! My virgins and my young men were gone into captivity. 19 ΚΩΦ I called my lovers, but they misled me. My priests and my elders [2in 3the 4city 1failed], for they sought food for themselves, that they should restore their lives. 20 ΡΗΣ Behold, O  lord, for I am afflicted! My belly was disturbed, and my heart was turned within me; greatly embittering I was embittered. Outside [2made me childless 1the sword], as if a death in the house. 21 ΣΙΝ Hear indeed! for I moan. There is not one comforting me. All my enemies heard the bad things concerning me, and they rejoice that you did it. You brought on the day; you called the time, they became alike to me. 22 ΘΑΥ May [3enter 1all 2their evils] before your face. And glean them! in which manner they made a gleaning for all of my sins. for [2are many 1my moanings], and my heart frets.
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