Lamentations 4


The Rage of The LORD Completed

1 ΑΛΕΦ O how [3shall be darkened 1the 2gold], and [4changed 1the 3silver 2good]; [3were discharged 2stones 1holy] at the top of all the streets, 2 ΒΗΘ even the [2sons 3of Zion 1esteemed] being encouraged by gold, O how they are considered as [2receptacles 1earthenware], works of the hands of the potter. 3 ΓΙΜΕΛ And indeed, dragons stripped the breasts, they nursed their cubs; the daughters of my people were for irretrievability as a sparrow in the wilderness. 4 ΔΑΛΕΘ [4cleaves 1The 2tongue 3of one nursing] to its throat in thirst. Infants ask for bread, [2one snapping it 1there is not] for them. 5 Η The ones eating the delicacies were removed in the streets. The ones having been suckled in scarlet were embracing dung. 6 ΟΥΑΥ And [4was magnified 1the lawlessness 2of the daughter 3of my people] over the lawlessness of Sodom, the place being eradicated as with promptness, and they did not toil in her hands. 7 ΖΑΙΝ [2were clean 1Her Nazarites]; [2more than 3snow 1they radiated]; [2more than 3milk 1they were purified]. [2were above 3stone 4of sapphire 1Their broken pieces], 8 ΗΘ [2darkened 3above 4lamp black 1their appearance], they are not recognized in the streets; [2was fixed 1their skin] against their bones; they are dried up, they were as wood. 9 ΤΗΘ Better were the ones slain by the broadsword than the ones slain by hunger; they went being pierced by want of produce of the fields. 10 ΙΩΘ The hands [2women 1of pitying] boiled their children; they became for food to them in the destruction of the daughter of my people. 11 ΧΑΦ The  lord completed his rage; he poured out the rage of his anger, and lit a fire in Zion, and it devoured her foundations. 12 ΛΑΜΕΔ [3believed not 1The kings 2of the earth], all the ones dwelling, the ones living, that [4shall enter 1an enemy 2and 3one afflicting] through the gates of Jerusalem, 13 ΜΗΜ because of the sins of her prophets, and iniquities of her priests, the ones pouring out [2blood 1just] in her midst. 14 ΝΟΥΝ [2were shaken 1Her watchmen] in the streets; they were tainted with blood in [2not 3being able 1their]; they touched their garments with it. 15 ΣΑΜΕΧ Separate from the unclean! Call them! Separate, separate, do not touch! for they were lit, and indeed, they were shaken. Say among the nations! In no way should they proceed to sojourn there. 16 ΑΙΝ The person of the  lord was their portion; he shall not proceed to look upon them. The person of the priests they did not receive; [3old men 1they did not 2show mercy on]. 17 ΦΗ Yet in our being, [2failed 1our eyes]. [3for 4our help 5was in vain 2watching 1Our]. We watched unto a nation not delivering. 18 ΣΑΔΗ They hunted our small ones to not go into our squares. [2approached 1Our time]; [2were fulfilled 1our days]; [2is at hand 1our end]. 19 ΚΩΦ [5nimble 4were 1The ones 2pursuing 3us], more than eagles of heaven. Upon the mountains they perched; in a wilderness they lie in wait for us. 20 ΡΗΣ The breath of our face, the anointed one, the  lord was seized in our corruptions, of whom we said, In his shadow we shall live among the nations. 21 ΣΙΝ Rejoice and be glad O daughter of Edom! the one dwelling upon the land of Uz! And indeed unto you shall go through the cup of the  lord. You shall be intoxicated and shall pour forth. 22 ΘΑΥ [2is vanished 1Your lawlessness], O daughter of Zion. He shall not proceed unto the resettling you. He visited your lawlessness, O daughter of Edom; he revealed concerning your acts of impiety.
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