Lamentations 5


Jeremiah Laments the Destruction

1Remember, O  lord, what happened to us! Look upon and behold our scorn! 2Our inheritance was converted over to aliens; our houses to strangers. 3[2orphans 1We were]; there does not exist a father; our mothers are as widows. 4[2our water 3for 4money 1We drank]; our wood [2in 3barter 1came]. 5Unto our neck we were pursued; we tired; we were not rested. 6Egypt gave a hand; Assyria for their plenty. 7 Our fathers sinned, and they do not exist; we [2their violations of the law 1underwent]. 8Servants lorded over us; [2one ransoming 1there is not] from out of their hand. 9With our lives we will carry in our bread from in front of the broadsword of the wilderness. 10 Our skin [2as 3an oven 1was darkened]; they were made to shrivel from the face of blasts of famine. 11[2women 3in 4Zion 1They abased], virgins in the cities of Judah. 12Rulers [2by 3their hands 1were hanged]; elders were not extolled; 13chosen men [2weeping 1took up], and young men [2in 3wood bearing 1weakened]. 14And old men [2from 3the gate 1ceased]; chosen men [2from 3their psalms 1ceased]. 15[3rested up 1Joy 2of our heart]; [2turned 3into 4mourning 1our dance]. 16[4fell 1The 2crown 3of our head]; and woe to us for we sinned. 17On account of this [4became 1grief 5grievous 2in 3our heart]; on account of this, [2darkened 1our eyes]. 18Upon mount Zion, for it was obliterated, foxes went through in it. 19But you, O  lord, [2into 3the 4eon 1shall dwell]; your throne is unto generation and generation. 20Why for victory shall you forget us? Will you forsake us unto the duration of days? 21Turn us to you! O  lord, and we shall be turned; and renew our days as before! 22For in thrusting away, you thrusted us away; you were provoked to anger against us, unto exceedingly.
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