Leviticus 10


Nadab and Abihu Offer Alien Fire

1And [9taking 1the 2two 3sons 4of Aaron 5Nadab 6and 7Abihu 8each] his censer, they placed upon them fire, and put upon them incense, and offered before the  lord [2fire 1an alien], which [2assigned not 1the  lord] to them. 2And came forth fire from the  lord, and it devoured them, and they died before the  lord. 3And Moses said to Aaron, This is what the  lord spoke, saying, Among the ones approaching to me I will be sanctified, and in all the congregation I will be glorified. And Aaron was vexed. 4And Moses called Mishael and Elzaphan, sons of Uzziel brother of the father of Aaron, and said to them, Come forward and lift your brethren from before the holies outside of the camp. 5And they came forward, and lifted them by their garments outside of the camp, in which manner Moses said. 6And Moses said to Aaron, and Eleazar and Ithamar his sons being left behind, Your heads shall not be without a turban, and your cloaks you shall not tear, that you should not die, and [3upon 4all 5the 6congregation 2be 1rage]. But your brethren, all the house of Israel, shall weep for the combustion, which [2set on fire 1the  lord]. 7And from the door of the tent of the testimony you shall not go forth, that you should not die. [2the 3oil 1For] of the anointing of the  lord [2upon 3you 1is]. And they did according to the saying of Moses. 8And the  lord spoke to Aaron, saying, 9Wine and liquor you are not to drink, you and your sons with you, when ever you should enter into the tent of the testimony, or in your going to the altar, that no way you should die -- it is [2law 1an eternal] unto your generations; 10to distinguish between the holy things and the profane, and between the unclean and the clean, 11and to instruct the sons of Israel all together the laws which the  lord spoke to them through the hand of Moses. 12And Moses spoke to Aaron, and to Eleazar and Ithamar, the sons of his being left, You take the sacrifice offering being left from the yield offerings of the  lord, and eat unleavened breads by the altar! For [2a holy 3of holies 1it is]. 13And you shall eat it in [2place 1the holy]. [3a law 1For 4to you 2it is], and a law to your sons -- this from the yield offerings of the  lord. For thus it has been given charge to me. 14And the breast of the separation offering, and the shoulder of the cut-away portion you shall eat in [2place 1the holy], you, and your sons, and your house with you -- a law to you, and a law to your sons it was given of the sacrifices of the deliverance offerings of the sons of Israel. 15The shoulder of the cut-away portion and the breast of the separation offering upon the yield offerings of the fats, they shall bring as a separation offering to separate before the  lord. And it will be to you, and to your sons, and to your daughters with you, [2law 1an eternal]; in which manner the  lord gave orders to Moses. 16And [2the 3young he-goat 4for 5the 6sin offering 1seeking] Moses sought after. But thus it had been set on fire. And Moses was enraged at Eleazar and Ithamar the sons of Aaron, the ones being left, saying, 17Why did you not eat the thing for the sin offering in [2place 1the holy]? For because [2a holy 3of holies 1it is]. This he gave to you to eat, that you should remove the sin of the congregation, and should atone for them before the  lord. 18For not was brought from the blood of it into the holy place. In person inside you shall eat it in [2place 1the holy], in which manner it was ordered to me. 19And Aaron spoke to Moses, saying, If today they have brought the things for their sin offering, and the things of their whole burnt-offerings before the  lord, and has come to pass to me such things, and I shall eat the thing -- for the sin offering today, shall it be pleasing to the  lord? 20And Moses heard it, and it pleased him.
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