Leviticus 19


Laws Regarding Social Conduct

1And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2Speak to all the congregation of the sons of Israel! And you shall say to them, You shall be holy, for [4am holy 1I 2the  lord 3your God]. 3Let each one [2his father 3and 4his mother 1fear]! And my Sabbaths you shall keep. I am the  lord your God. 4You shall not follow after idols, and [5gods 4molten 1you shall not 2make 3to yourselves]. I am the  lord your God. 5And if you should sacrifice a sacrifice of deliverance to the  lord, [2acceptable 3for yourselves 1you shall sacrifice]. 6In which ever day you should sacrifice, it shall be eaten, and in the next morning. And if any should be left behind until [2day 1the third] [2by 3fire 1it shall be incinerated]. 7And if food should be eaten the [2day 1third] it is unfit, you shall not accept it. 8And the one eating it [2the sin 1shall take], for the holy things of the  lord he profaned. And [4shall be utterly destroyed 1the 2souls 3eating it] from their people. 9And [2reaping 1of your] the harvest of your land, you shall not complete your harvest of your field to completely reap it. And the parts falling away of your harvest you shall not collect together. 10And your vineyard; you shall not glean the vintage, nor the grape-stones of your vineyard shall you collect together; to the poor and to the foreigner you shall leave behind for them. I am the  lord your God. 11You shall not steal, and you shall not lie, nor shall you extort each his neighbor. 12And you shall not swear by an oath [2my name 1upon] unjustly. And you shall not profane the [2name 1holy] of your God. I am the  lord your God. 13You shall not wrong your neighbor. And you shall not seize by force. And [4shall not 5go to bed 1the 2wages 3of your hireling] with you until morning. 14You shall not wickedly speak to a mute, and before the blind you shall not put an obstacle. And you shall fear the  lord your God. I am the  lord your God. 15You shall not act unjustly in a judgment. You shall not take favor on the face of the poor, nor marvel before the face of a mighty one. With righteousness you shall judge your neighbor. 16You shall not go by treachery among your nation. You shall not rise up together for blood of your neighbor. I am the  lord your God. 17You shall not detest your brother in your mind. With rebuke you shall reprove your neighbor, and you shall not take [2on account of 3him 1sin]. 18And [3shall not 4avenge 1your 2hand]. And you shall not be infuriated at the sons of your people. And you shall love your neighbor as yourself. I am the  lord your God. 19 My law you shall keep. Your cattle you shall not mate unequally yoked. And in your vineyard you shall not scatter abroad diverse seed. And a garment of two materials being woven commingled you shall not put upon yourself. 20And if any man should go to bed with a woman in the marriage-bed of semen, and she is a domestic servant being guarded for a man, and to her ransoms have not been ransomed, or freedom was not given to her; an overseeing will be to them; they shall not die, for she was not set free. 21And he shall bring his trespass offering to the  lord by the door of the tent of the testimony -- a ram for a trespass offering. 22And [3shall atone 4for 5him 1the 2priest] with the ram of the trespass offering before the  lord for his sin of which he sinned; and [3shall be forgiven 4him 1the 2sin] which he sinned. 23And whenever you should enter into the land which the  lord your God gives to you, and you should plant any [2tree 1eatable], then you shall purge away its uncleanness. Its fruit for three years will be impure to you, it shall not be eaten. 24And the [2year 1fourth 5will be 3all 4of its fruit] holy, praiseworthy to the  lord. 25And in the [2year 1fifth] you shall eat of its fruit; [2is an addition 3to you 1its produce]. I am the  lord your God. 26Eat not upon the mountains! And you shall not foretell, nor use augury. 27You shall not make a lock of hair consecrated to an idol from out of the hair of your head, nor shall you corrupt the appearance of your beards. 28And [3cuts 1you shall not 2make] for a dead soul on your body; and letter marks you shall not make upon you. I am the  lord your God. 29You shall not profane your daughter to fornicate her. And you shall not fornicate the land, and [3be filled 1the 2land] of lawlessness. 30 My Sabbaths you shall keep, and of my holy things you shall fear. I am the  lord. 31You shall not follow after ones who deliver oracles, and to the enchanters you shall not cleave to be thoroughly defiled by them. I am the  lord your God. 32At the face of a gray one you shall rise up, and you shall esteem the face of an older one; and you shall fear your God. I am the  lord your God. 33And if any [4should come forward 5to you 1foreigner 2in 3your land], you shall not afflict him. 34[7as 8the 9native born 10among 11you 6shall be 1The 2foreigner 3approaching 4to 5you]. And you shall love him as yourself, for [2foreigners 1you became] in the land of Egypt. I am the  lord your God. 35You shall not act unjustly in an equity with measures, and with weights, and with yoke balance scales. 36[2yoke balance scales 1Just], and [2dry measure 3weights 1just], and [2coos liquid measure 1a just] shall be to you. I am the  lord your God, the one leading you from out of the land of Egypt. 37And you shall keep all my laws, and all my orders, and you shall do them. I am the  lord.
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