Leviticus 20


Laws Regarding Idolatry

1And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2And to the sons of Israel, you shall speak, saying, If any from the sons of Israel, or of the ones being foreigners in Israel, who ever should give his semen to a chief god, to death let him be put to death! The nation, the people upon the land shall stone him with stones. 3And I will set my face against that man, and I will destroy him from out of his people. For of his semen he gave to a chief god, that he should defile my holy place, and should profane the name -- the one having been sanctified to me. 4And if in disdain [5should overlook 1the 2native-born 3of the 4land] with their eyes of that man, in his giving his semen to a chief god, to not kill him, 5then I shall set my face against that man, and his kin, and I will destroy him, and all the ones consenting with him, so as for them to fornicate with the ruling gods of their people. 6And a soul who ever should follow after ones who deliver oracles or enchanters, so as to fornicate after them, I will set my face against that soul, and I will destroy it from out of its people. 7And you shall be sanctified, and you shall be holy, for [4am holy 1I 2the  lord 3your God]. 8And you shall keep my orders, and you shall do them. I am the  lord, the one sanctifying you. 9The man, a man who ever [2wickedly 1should speak] of his father or his mother, unto death let him be put to death! [3of his father 4or 5of his mother 2wickedly 1he spoke], he shall be liable

Laws Regarding Sexual Impurity

10And a man, a man who ever should commit adultery [2wife 1with a man's], or who ever should commit adultery with a wife of his neighbor, to death let them be put to death! the man committing adultery and the woman committing adultery. 11And if anyone should have bedded with the wife of his father, [2the indecency 3of his father 1to uncover], to death let them be put to death! both are liable. 12And if anyone should have bedded with his daughter-in-law, unto death let them be put to death! both were impious, they are liable. 13And who ever should have bedded with a male as the marriage-bed of a woman, [3an abomination 2did 1both]; to death let them be put to death! they are liable. 14Who ever should take a woman and her mother, [2a violation of the law 1it is]; in fire they shall incinerate him and them, and there shall not be a violation of the law among you. 15And who ever should give over to his laying with a four-footed creature, to death let him be put to death! and the four-footed creature you shall kill. 16And a woman, whoever should come forward to any beast to breed herself by it, you shall kill the woman and the beast -- unto death let them be put to death! they are liable. 17Who ever should take his sister of his father, or of his mother, and should look at her indecency, and she should look at his indecency, it is scornful, they shall be utterly destroyed before the sons of their race, for the indecency of his sister he uncovered -- his sin he shall receive. 18And a man who ever should go to bed with a woman sitting apart, and shall uncover her indecency, [2her flow 1he uncovered], and she uncovered the flow of her blood; [2shall be utterly destroyed 1both] from their generation. 19And the indecency [2sister 1of your father's] and [2sister 1your mother's] you shall not uncover, [3the 1for 4family intimacy 2he uncovered]; [2their sin 1they shall carry]. 20And who ever should have gone to bed with his relative, [2the indecency 3of his kin 1he uncovered]; [2childless 1they shall die]. 21And a man who ever should take the wife of his brother, it is uncleanness; [3indecency 2his brother's 1he uncovered] -- [2childless 1they shall die]. 22And you shall keep all my orders, and all my judgments; and you shall do them, then no way should [3loathe 4you 1the 2land], into which I bring you there to dwell upon it. 23And do not go in the laws of the nations! which I eject from you; for all these things they did, and I abhor them. 24And I said to you, You shall inherit their land. And I will give it to you for a possession; a land flowing milk and honey. I am the  lord your God who separated you from all the nations. 25And you shall separate yourselves between the cattle of the clean and unclean; and between the winged creatures of the clean, and the unclean. And you shall not make abhorrent your souls among the cattle, and among the winged creatures, and among all the reptiles of the earth, which I separated to you for uncleanness. 26And you will be holy to me, for I am holy, the  lord your God, the one separating you from all the nations, to be mine. 27And a man or woman who ever of them should become a deliverer of oracles or enchanter, to death let them be put to death -- both! By stones stone them! they are liable.
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