Leviticus 21


Laws Regarding Priestly Conduct

And the  lord said to Moses, saying, Speak to the priests, to the sons of Aaron! And you shall say to them, that among their dead souls they shall not defile themselves among their nation; but only among the members of the family near them -- for father, and for mother, and for sons, and for daughters, and for brother, and for [3sister 1his 2virgin] being near to him, the sister not being espoused to a man; for these he shall not defile himself suddenly among his people by profaning himself. And to baldness you shall not shave your head for the dead; and the appearance of the beard they shall not shave; and upon their flesh they shall not mutilate by cuts. They shall be holy to their God, and they shall not profane the name of their God. [4the 1For 5sacrifices 6of the  lord 7as gifts 8to 9their God 2they 3offer], and they shall be holy. A woman harlot and being profaned they shall not take; and a woman being cast out from her husband they shall not take; for he is holy to the  lord his God. And you shall sanctify him; for the gifts of the  lord your God this one offers -- he shall be holy. For [3am holy 1I 2the  lord], the one sanctifying them. And a daughter of a man being a priest, if she should be profaned to fornicate, [3the 4name 5of her father 1she 2profanes]; with fire she shall be incinerated. 10 And the [2priest 1great] from among his brethren, of the one having [5poured 6upon 7his head 1the 2oil 3of the 4anointing], and [2having been perfected 1his hands] to put on the garments -- the head shall not be without a turban, and the garments he shall not tear up; 11 and [3unto 4any 5soul 6coming to an end 1he shall not 2enter]; [2by 3his father 4nor 5by 6his mother 1he shall not be defiled]. 12 And from out of the holies he shall not come forth; and he shall not profane the thing having been sanctified of his God, for the holy [2oil 1anointing] of his God is upon him. I am the  lord. 13 This one [3woman 2a virgin 4from 5his family 1shall take]. 14 But a widow, and one being cast out and being profaned, and a harlot -- these he shall not take; but only a virgin from out of his people shall he take for a wife. 15 And he shall not profane his semen among his people. I am the  lord God, the one sanctifying him. 16 And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 17 Speak to Aaron, saying, A man from your kind, throughout your generations, to any if there might be on him a blemish, shall not come forward to offer the gifts of his God. 18 Any man in which ever might be in him a blemish, shall not come forward -- [2man 1a blind], or lame, or splitmouth, or with mutilated ears, 19 or a man in which might be in him a broken hand, or a broken foot, 20 or humpback, or peeling, or hairless of the eyes, or a man in which ever might be in him [2mange 1a wild], or scabbed, or having one testicle. 21 Every man in which there is on him a blemish from the seed of Aaron the priest, shall not approach to offer the sacrifices to the  lord, that has a blemish on him; [3the 4gifts 5of his God 1he shall not come forward 2to bring]. 22 The holy of the holies, and of the holy things he shall eat. 23 Except to the veil he shall not come forward, and to the altar he shall not approach, for [2a blemish 1he has], and he shall not profane the holy things of his God, for I the  lord, am the one sanctifying them. 24 And Moses spoke to Aaron and his sons, and to all of the sons of Israel.
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