Leviticus 22


The Holy and the Profane

1And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2Speak to Aaron and to his sons! And let them take heed concerning the holy things of the sons of Israel! and they shall not profane [2name 1my holy], as much as they sanctify to me. I am the  lord. 3Say to them! Unto your generations every man who ever should come forward from all your seed to the holy things, as much as indeed [4should sanctify 1the 2sons 3of Israel] to the  lord, and his uncleanness is upon him, they shall utterly destroy that soul from me. I am the  lord. 4And the man of the seed of Aaron of the priest, that this one being leprous or having gonorrhea, [3of the 4holy things 1shall not 2eat], until whenever he should be cleansed. And the one touching any uncleanness of soul, or a man in whom ever should come forth from out of his marriage-bed of semen, 5or who ever should touch any [2reptile 1unclean], which should defile him, or come upon a man in which he shall defile him according to any of his uncleanness; 6the soul who ever should touch them will be unclean until evening; he shall not eat from the holy things if he should not have bathed his body in water. 7And [3should go down 1when the 2sun], then he will be clean, and then he shall eat from the holy things, for [2bread 1it is his]. 8Decaying flesh and that taken by wild beasts he shall not eat, to be defiled by it. I am the  lord. 9And they shall guard my injunctions, that they should not take [2on account of 3them 1sin], and should die because of them, if they shall profane them. I am the  lord, the one sanctifying them. 10And all of another race shall not eat the holy things; a sojourner with a priest, or a hireling shall not eat the holy things. 11And if a priest should acquire a soul procured with silver, he shall eat of his bread loaf; and his native-born servants, even these shall eat of his bread loaf. 12And a daughter of a man a priest, if she should become the wife of a man of another race, she [3of the 4first-fruits 5of the 6holy things 1shall not 2eat]. 13And the daughter of a priest, if she becomes a widow or being cast out, and seed might not be in her, and she should return unto the house of her father, as in her youth; from the bread loaves of her father she shall eat. And all of another race shall not eat of them. 14And a man who ever should eat holy things according to ignorance; then he shall add his fifth part unto it, and shall give to the priest the holy thing. 15And they shall not profane the holy things of the sons of Israel, which they offer to the  lord, 16that they shall bring upon themselves lawlessness of the trespass in their eating their holy things; for I am the  lord, the one sanctifying them. 17And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 18Speak to Aaron and his sons, and to all the congregation of the sons of Israel! And you shall say to them, The man, a man from the sons of Israel, or of the foreigners lying near them among Israel, who ever should offer his gifts according to every acknowledgment offering of theirs, or according to every choice offering of theirs, as much as they should offer to the  lord for a whole burnt-offering, 19what is acceptable unto you is [2male 1an unblemished] of the herds, and of the sheep, and of the goats. 20Of all as many as you have with a blemish among them you shall not bring to the  lord, for [2not 4accepted 1it shall 3be] for you. 21And a man who ever should offer a sacrifice of deliverance to the  lord, while setting apart a vow, or according to a choice offering, or in your holiday feasts, out of the herds or of the sheep, it shall be unblemished for acceptance. [3any 4blemish 1There shall not 2be] upon it. 22Blind, or broken, or with the tongue cut out, or troubled with warts, or chronic mange, or [2scabs 1having] -- they shall not bring these to the  lord; and for a yield offering you shall not give of them upon the altar to the  lord. 23And a calf or a sheep with mutilated ears, or tailless, [3for slaughter 1you shall make 2them] to yourself, but for your vow it shall not be taken. 24Crushed testicles, or being squeezed out, or emasculated, or drawn away -- you shall not bring them to the  lord, even upon your land you shall not offer them. 25And from out of the hand of a son of another race you shall not offer the gifts of your God of all these things. For there is corruption in them, a blemish in them; [2shall not 3be received 1these] to you. 26And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 27A calf, or a sheep, or a goat, when ever it is born, then it shall be seven days under its mother; but the [2day 1eighth] and beyond it shall be accepted for gift offerings, a yield offering to the  lord. 28And a calf and a sheep -- it and its offspring you shall not slay in [2day 1one]. 29And if you should sacrifice a sacrifice vow of joyfulness to the  lord, [3acceptable 4to you 1you shall sacrifice 2it]; 30in that day it shall be eaten; you shall not leave of the meats into the morning. I am the  lord. 31And you shall keep my commandments, and you shall observe them. I am the  lord. 32And you shall not profane [2name 1my holy]; and I shall be sanctified in the midst of the sons of Israel. I am the  lord, the one sanctifying you, 33the one leading you from out of the land of Egypt, so as to be your God. I am the  lord.
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