Leviticus 24


The Memorial of the Bread Loaves

And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, Give charge to the sons of Israel! And let them take to you [2oil 1olive], pure, being beaten for light! to burn in a lamp continually, from outside the veil, in the tent of the testimony. [4shall burn 5it 1Aaron 2and 3his sons] from evening until morning before the  lord perpetually -- [2law 1an eternal] unto your generations. Upon the [2lamp-stand 1pure] you shall burn the lamps before the  lord until into the morning. And you shall take fine flour, and you shall make for it twelve bread loaves; two tenths parts will be [3bread loaf 1for the 2one]. And you shall place them two places; six bread loaves to the one place upon the [2table 1pure] before the  lord. And you shall place upon the place [2frankincense 1pure] and salt; and they will be the bread loaves for remembrance being situated before the  lord. On the day of the Sabbaths you shall put them before the  lord always before the sons of Israel -- [2covenant 1an eternal]. And it will be for Aaron and to his sons. And they shall eat them in [2place 1the holy], [3is 1for 4a holy 5of holies 2this] to him from the things being sacrificed to the  lord -- [2law 1an eternal].

Cursing the Name of The LORD

10 And [3went forth 1a son 2of an Israelitish woman], and he was a son of an Egyptian man among the sons of Israel. And they did combat in the camp -- the one of the Israelitish woman and the [2man 1Israelite]. 11 And [6named 1the 2son 3of the 5woman 4Israelitish] the name -- he cursed. And they led him to Moses. And the name of his mother was Shelomith, daughter of Dibri of the tribe of Dan. 12 And they put him in prison, to litigate over him because of the order of the  lord. 13 And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 14 Lead the one cursing outside the camp, and [4shall place 1all 2the ones 3hearing] their hands upon his head, and [4shall stone 5him 1all 2the 3congregation]. 15 And to the sons of Israel speak! And you shall say to them, A man, a man if he should curse God, [2the sin 1that one shall take]. 16 [2the 3one naming 1And] the name of the  lord, to death let him be put to death! [7with stones 1Let 5stone 6him 2all 3the 4congregation]. Whether a foreigner, or whether native born in his naming the name of the  lord, let him come to an end. 17 And the man who ever should strike the life of a man, and he should die, to death let him be put to death! 18 And who ever should strike cattle, and it should die, let him pay life for life! 19 And if any shall give a blemish to his neighbor, as he did to him, likewise he shall act against him. 20 A break for a break, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; in so far as he should give a blemish to a man, so it shall be given to him. 21 Who ever should strike a man, and he should die, to death let him be put to death! 22 Justice will be one to the foreigner, and to the native inhabitant; for I am the  lord your God. 23 And Moses spoke to the sons of Israel, and they led the one cursing outside the camp, and they stoned him with stones. And the sons of Israel did just as the  lord gave orders to Moses.
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