Leviticus 25


A Sabbath Rest for the Land

1And the  lord spoke to Moses on mount Sinai, saying, 2Speak to the sons of Israel! And you shall say to them, Whenever you should enter into the land which I give to you, then [3shall rest 1the 2land] a Sabbath to the  lord. 3Six years you shall sow your field, and six years you shall trim your grapevine, and you shall bring together its fruit. 4But the [2year 1seventh 4a Sabbath 5rest 3will be] in the land -- a Sabbath to the  lord. [3your field 1You shall not 2sow] and [3your grapevine 1you shall not 2trim], 5and the [2by itself 1produce ascending] in your field you shall not reap up, and the grape of your sanctification you shall not gather in the vintage; a year's rest will be for the land. 6And [5will be 1the 2Sabbath 3of the 4land] foods to you, and to your children, and to your maidservant, and to your hireling, and to the sojourner lying near to you, 7and to your cattle, and to the beasts in your land [3shall be 1all 2of its produce] for food. 8And you shall count out to yourself seven rests of years, seven years seven times. And they will be to you seven periods of seven of years, nine and forty years.

The Fiftieth Year Release

9And you shall declare by trumpet sound in all your land, in the [2month 1seventh], the tenth of the month. In the day of making an atonement -- you shall declare by trumpet in all your land. 10And you shall sanctify the year -- the fiftieth year; and you shall proclaim forth a release upon the land to all the ones dwelling it. A year of release [3indication 2its 1will be] to you. And you shall go forth each to his possession, and [2each 3to 4his family 1you shall go forth]. 11[2of release 1This indication], the year, the fiftieth year will be to you. You shall not sow, nor in any way shall you reap the produce [3self 1ascending 2by its]; and you shall not gather the vintage, the things having been sanctified of it. 12For [3of release 2an indication 1it is]; it shall be holy to you. From the fields you shall eat its produce. 13In the year of the release, the indication of it, [2shall return back 1each] unto his possession. 14And if you should render a sale to your neighbor, or if you should acquire by your neighbor, let not [2afflict 1a man] his neighbor! 15According to the number of years after the indication shall you acquire land from your neighbor, and according to the number of years left of the produce shall he sell to you. 16In so far as there might be many of the years, he shall multiply the value of his possession; and in so far as there might be less of the years, he shall lessen the value of his possession; for by number of the produce years left shall he sell to you. 17Let not [2afflict 1a man] his neighbor! And you shall fear the  lord your God. I am the  lord your God. 18And you shall observe all my ordinances, and all my judgments. And you shall keep, and you shall observe them. And you shall dwell upon the land complying. 19And [3shall give 1the 2land] its resources, and you shall eat in fullness, and you shall dwell complying upon it. 20And if you should say, What shall we eat in [2year 1this seventh] if we do not sow, and we do not gather in our produce? 21Then I will send my blessing to you in the [2year 1sixth], and the land shall produce its produce for the three years. 22And you shall sow the [2year 1eighth], and you shall eat of the [2produce 1old] until the [2year 1ninth]. Until whenever [2should come 1its produce], you shall eat old produce of the old.

Laws Regarding Ransoms

23And the land shall not be sold for security; [5mine 1for 4is 2the 3earth], because [3foreigners 4and 5sojourners 1you 2are] before me. 24And according to all the land of your possession [2ransoms 1you shall give] for the land. 25But if [4should be in need 1your brother 2with 3you], and should have sold part of his possession, and [5should come 1the one 2acting as next of kin 3being near 4to him], then he shall ransom the sale of his brother. 26But if there might not be any acting as next of kin, and later he should be well-provided in the hand, and he should find himself fit for his ransoms, 27then he shall reckon the years of his sale, and shall give back the superior amount to the man to whom he sold it, and he shall return back to his possession. 28But if [3should not be well-provided 1his 2hand] with the thing fit so as to repay him, then [2will be 1his sale property] to the one acquiring it until the year of the release; and it shall go forth in the release; then he shall go return to his possession. 29But if any should sell a house inhabited in a city being walled, then there shall be the ransoming of it, until the time should be fulfilled, a year of days will be the time of ransoming of it. 30But if it should not be ransomed until [3should be fulfilled 2year 1the entire], [9shall be validated 1the 2house 3being 4in 5the 6city 7having 8a wall] firmly to the one acquiring it, unto his generations, and it shall not go forth in the release. 31But the houses, the ones in properties, ones in which there is not among them a wall round about, [2belonging to 3the 4field 5of the 6land 1they shall be considered] -- ransomable always they shall be. And in the release they shall go forth. 32And the cities of the Levites, the houses of the cities in their possession, [3ransomable 2always 1shall be] to the Levites. 33And what ever should be ransomed by of the Levites, then [6shall go forth 1the 2sale 3of houses 4of the city 5of their possession] unto the release. For the houses of the cities of the Levites -- this is their possession in the midst of the sons of Israel. 34And the fields, the ones being separated in their cities shall not be sold, for [5possession 4eternal 1this 3their 2is]. 35And if [5should be in need 1your brother 2who is 3with 4you], and he shall be powerless in the hands with you; you shall take hold of him, [5as 6a foreigner 7and 8a sojourner 1and 2he shall live 3with 4you]. 36You shall not take [2from 3him 1interest], nor for an amount. And you shall fear your God, and [2shall live 1your brother] with you. 37 Your money you shall not give to him with interest due; and with usury you shall not give to him of your foods. 38I am the  lord your God, the one leading you from out of the land of Egypt, to give to you the land of Canaan, so as to be your God.

Laws Regarding Servants

39And if [2should be humbled 1your brother] by you, and should be sold to you, he shall not serve you in the slavery of a servant. 40[2as 3a hireling 4or 5a sojourner 1He shall be] to you until the year of the release -- thus he shall work for you; 41and he shall go forth in the release from you himself, and his children with him. And he shall go unto his family; unto the possession of his father he shall run. 42Because [2my servants 1these are] whom I led out of the land of Egypt. They shall not be sold in a sale of a domestic servant. 43You shall not violently strain him in his trouble, and you shall fear your God. 44And a boy and a girl, as many as should be to you from the nations, as many as [2round about 3you 1there are] -- from them you shall acquire a manservant and a maidservant. 45And from the sons of the sojourners being among you -- from these you shall acquire, and from their relatives of the ones with you; as many as happen to be in your land, let them be to you for a possession! 46And you shall divide them to your children after you. And they shall be to you possessions unto the eon. But of your brethren of the sons of Israel, each concerning his brother shall not violently strain him in his troubles. 47And if wealth should find in the hand of the foreigner or the sojourner living by you, and [2being in distress 1your brother] should be sold to the foreigner or to the sojourner living by you, or to [2by birth 1a foreigner]; 48after his being sold, there shall be a ransoming to him -- one of his brethren shall ransom him. 49A brother of his father, or a son [2brother 1of his father's] shall ransom him; or one of the members of the family of his flesh of his tribe shall ransom him. And if being well-provided in his hands, he shall ransom himself. 50And he shall reckon together with the one acquiring him from the year of which he sold himself to him until the year of the release. And [4will be 1the 2money 3of his sale] as the day of a hireling. Year to year he will be with him. 51And if to any [2many surplus 3years 1there might be], for these he shall render his ransoms of the money of his sale. 52And if few should be left behind of the years to the year of the release, then he shall reckon to him according to his years, and shall render his ransoms. 53As a hireling, year to year he shall be with him. You shall not violently strain him in his trouble before you. 54And if he should not pay ransom according to these things, then he shall go forth in the year of the release; he and his children with him. 55For to me the sons of Israel are servants; [3of my children 1these 2are], whom I led from out of the land of Egypt. I am the  lord your God.
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