Leviticus 26


Results of Keeping God's Orders

1You shall not make to yourselves a handmade thing, nor a carving, nor [2a monument 1shall you raise up] to yourselves; nor a stone exemplar shall you stand in your land to do obeisance to it. I am the  lord your God. 2 My Sabbaths you shall keep, and of my holy things you shall fear. I am the  lord. 3If in my orders you should go, and my commandments you should keep, and should do them, 4then I will give the rain to you in its season, and to the land I will give its produce, and the trees of the fields will give back their fruit. 5And [3shall overtake 4among you 1the 2threshing] the gathering of the crops; and the gathering of the crops shall overtake the sowing; and you shall eat your bread unto fullness. And you shall dwell with safety upon your land. 6And I will put peace in your land, and you shall go to bed, and there will not be among you one frightening. And I will destroy [2wild beasts 1the ferocious] from your land, and war shall not go through your land. 7And you shall pursue your enemies, and they shall fall before you in carnage. 8And there shall pursue from out of you five after a hundred, and a hundred of you shall pursue tens of thousands; and [2shall fall 1your enemies] before you by sword. 9And I will look upon you, and I will increase you, and I will multiply you, and I will establish my covenant with you. 10And you shall eat even the old of the old, and [2the old 3in 4front of 5the new 1you shall bring forth]. 11And I will put my tent among you, and [2shall not 3abhor 1my soul] you. 12And I will walk about among you; and I will be your God, and you shall be to me for a people. 13I am the  lord your God, the one leading you from out of the land of Egypt, where you were slaves. And I broke the bond of your yoke, and led you out in an open manner.

Results of Disobeying God's Orders

14And if you should not obey me, nor should observe [2my orders 1these], 15but should resist them, and [2my judgments 1you should loathe] in your soul, so as for you to not observe all my commandments, so as for you to efface my covenant, 16then I will do thus to you; and I will to set upon you perplexity, and also the mange, and jaundice, inflaming of your eyes, and of your life wasting away. And you shall sow ineffectually of your seeds, and [2shall eat 3them 1your opponents]. 17And I will set my face against you, and you shall fall before your enemies; and [4shall pursue 5you 1the 2ones detesting 3you], and you shall flee with no one pursuing you. 18And if in this you should not obey me, then I will add to correct you with strokes seven times for your sins, 19and I will break the insolence of your pride, and I will establish your heaven as iron, and your land as brass, 20and [2shall be 3in 4vain 1your strength]. And [3shall not 4give 1the 2earth] of your sowing it, and the tree of the field shall not give its fruit. 21And if after these things you should go sideways, and should not want to obey me, I will add to you [2calamities 1seven] according to your sins. 22And I will send upon you the [2beasts 1wild] of the land; and they shall eat you, and shall completely consume your cattle; and [3very few 1I will make 2you]; and [2shall be made desolate 1your ways]. 23And if over these things you should not be corrected, but should go to me sideways, 24I will go also with you in rage sideways, and I will strike you also seven times for your sins. 25And I will bring upon you a sword, avenging punishment of covenant. And you shall take refuge in your cities, and I will send out plague upon you; and you shall be delivered up into the hands of the enemies. 26In your being afflicted there will be scarcity of bread loaves. [3shall bake 1Ten 2women] your bread loaves in [2oven 1one], and they shall give back the bread loaves to you by weight; and you shall eat, and no way shall you be filled. 27And if upon this you do not obey me, but should go to me sideways, 28then I myself shall go with you in rage sideways, and I will correct you, even I, seven times according to your sins. 29And you shall eat the flesh of your sons; and the flesh of your daughters you shall eat. 30And I will make desolate your monuments, and I will utterly destroy [2wooden images 3made by hands 1your]. And I will put your carcasses upon the carcasses of your idols. And [2will loathe 1my soul] in you. 31And I will establish your cities as desolate, and I will make quite desolate your holy places; and no way shall I smell the scents of your sacrifices. 32And I will make quite desolate, even I, your land. And [5shall wonder 6over 7it 1your enemies 2dwelling 3in 4it]. 33And I will disseminate you into the nations; and [4will completely consume 5you 3coming upon you 1the 2sword]; and [2will be 1your land] desolate, and your cities will be desolate places. 34Then [3will favor 1the 2land] its Sabbaths all the days of its desolation, and you will be in the land of your enemies. Then [3shall observe the Sabbath 1the 2land], and will favor its Sabbaths. 35All the days of its desolation it shall observe the Sabbath, in which it did not observe the Sabbath in your Sabbaths, when you dwelt it. 36And to the ones being left behind of you, I will bring timidity into their heart in the land of their enemies. And [4will pursue 5them 1the sound 2of a leaf 3being brought along], and they shall flee as fleeing from war, and they shall fall with no one pursuing. 37And [3will neglect 1the 2brother] his brother as in war, but no one running them down. And you will not be able to oppose your enemies. 38And you shall perish among the nations, and [4will devour 5you 1the 2land 3of your enemies]. 39And the ones being left behind from you shall be corrupted on account of their sins, and on account of the sins of their fathers. In the land of their enemies they shall be melted away. 40And they shall declare openly their sins, and the sins of their fathers; for they violated and overlooked me, and that they went before me sideways. 41And I went with them in rage sideways, and I will destroy them in the land of their enemies. Then [4shall have felt shame 3heart 1their 2uncircumcised], and then they shall think well on their sins.

The LORD shall Remember His Covenant

42And I shall remember the covenant of Jacob, and the covenant of Isaac; and the covenant of Abraham I shall remember; and the land I shall remember. 43And the land shall be abandoned of them. Then [3shall favorably receive 1the 2land] her Sabbaths, in her being made desolate because of them. And they shall accept the things of their own lawlessness, because [2my judgments 1they overlooked], and [2my orders 1they loathed] in their soul. 44And thus, they being in the land of their enemies, I did not overlook them, nor loathed in them so as to completely consume them for effacing my covenant, the one with them. For I am the  lord their God. 45And I will remember their covenant, the former one, when I led them out of the land of Egypt, from out of the house of slavery before the nations, to be their God. I am the  lord. 46These are the judgments, and the orders, and the law, which the  lord made between himself and between the sons of Israel on mount Sinai by the hand of Moses.
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