Leviticus 27


The Value of Vows

1And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2Speak to the sons of Israel! And you shall say unto them, A man who ever should vow a vow for a value of his life to the  lord, 3it will be the value of a male from twenty years unto sixty years old -- [3will be 1his 2value] fifty double-drachmas of silver by the [2weight 1holy]. 4And the female will be the price of thirty double-drachmas. 5And if from five years old unto twenty years old, [5shall be 1the 2value 3of the 4male] twenty double-drachmas, and the female ten double-drachmas. 6And from a month unto five years old, [5shall be 1the 2value 3of the 4male] five double-drachmas of silver, and the female three double-drachmas of silver. 7And if from sixty years old and up, if indeed [2a male 1it might be], [2shall be 1his value] fifteen double-drachmas of silver; for the female ten double-drachmas. 8And if [2of low estate 1he might be] for a value, he shall be stood before the priest, and [3shall value 4him 1the 2priest], just as [5is able to afford 1the 2hand 3of the 4one making a vow] -- thus [3shall value 4him 1the 2priest]. 9And if it be from the cattle of the ones being offered of them as a gift to the  lord, who ever should give of these to the  lord, it shall be holy. 10He shall not change it good for bad, nor bad for good. And if by bartering he should barter it cattle for cattle, [5shall be 1it 2and 3the 4thing bartered] holy. 11And if any [2beast 1unclean], of which none are offered of them as a gift to the  lord, he shall set the beast before the priest, 12and [3shall value 4it 1the 2priest], between good and between bad. And as far as [3valuing 4it 1the 2priest], so it will stand. 13And if the one ransoming should ransom it, he shall add the fifth part to the value of it. 14And a man, who ever should sanctify his house holy to the  lord, then [3shall value 4it 1the 2priest] between good and between bad; what ever [3shall value 4it 1the 2priest], so it shall stand. 15And if the one sanctifying it should redeem his house, he shall add unto it the fifth part of the money for the value, and it shall be his. 16And if [3from 4the 5field 6of his possession 2should sanctify 1a man] to the  lord, then [3shall be 1the 2value] according to its sowing -- a cor of barley equals fifty double-drachmas of silver. 17And if from the year of the release he should sanctify his field, according to his value it shall stand. 18But if [3last 4after 5the 6release 1he should sanctify 2his field], [3shall count in addition 4to it 1the 2priest] the money for the years remaining, until unto the next year of the release, and it shall be deducted from his valuation. 19And if [5should ransom 3the 4field 1the 2one sanctifying] it, he shall add the fifth part of the money to the value of it, and it will be his. 20And if he should not ransom the field, and should give back the field [2man 1to another], no longer shall he ransom it. 21But [6will be 1the 2field 3coming forth 4from the 5release] holy to the  lord, as the land being separated; to the priest it will be his possession. 22And if from the field of which he acquired, which is not from the field of his possession, that he should sanctify to the  lord, 23the priest shall impute to him the full value from the year of the release, and he shall render the value in that day as holy to the  lord. 24And in the year of the release, he shall give back the field to the man from whom he acquired it, of whom was in possession of the land. 25And all value will be [2weights 1by holy] -- twenty oboli will be the double-drachma. 26And every first-born which ever should be born among your cattle will be to the  lord. And [2shall consecrate 3it 1no one]. If also a calf, if also a sheep, [2to the 3  lord 1it is]. 27And if of the four-footed creatures of the unclean he should barter for the value of it, then he shall add his fifth part to it, and it will be his. But if he should not ransom it, it shall be sold according to its valuation. 28And every offering for consumption which ever [2should present 1a man] to the  lord of all as much as is to him, from man unto beast, and from a field of his possession, he shall not sell it, nor ransom it; every offering for consumption [2a holy 3of holies 1will be] to the  lord. 29And all, what ever should be presented from men, it shall not be ransomed, but to death it shall be put to death. 30Every tenth of the land, from the seed of the land, and from the fruit of the wood to the  lord, it is holy to the  lord. 31And if ransoming [2should ransom 1a man] of his tenth, his fifth part he shall add to it, and it will be his. 32And every tenth of oxen, and sheep, and all which should go through in the number by the rod measure, the tenth will be holy to the  lord. 33You shall not barter it good for bad, nor bad for good. And if in bartering you should barter it, it shall be and its barter holy, it shall not be ransomed. 34These are the commandments which the  lord gave charge to Moses for the sons of Israel on mount Sinai.
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