Leviticus 5


The Sin Offering

1And if a soul should sin, and should hear a voice of conjuring, and witness this, or see, or be fully conscious of it, if he should not report it, he takes responsibility for his sin. 2 That soul which ever should touch any thing unclean, or decaying flesh, or [2taken by wild beasts 1that which is unclean], or of the decaying flesh of abominations of the unclean, or of the decaying flesh [2cattle 1of unclean], 3or should touch of the uncleanness of a man, of any of his uncleanness -- what ever touching he should be defiled, and he be unaware of it, but after this he should know even he should have trespassed. 4The soul, in what ever he should swear by an oath, drawing apart his lips to do evil or [2well 1to do] according to all as much as [3who should draw apart 1the 2man] according to an oath, and should be unaware of it, and this one should know and should sin any one of these things -- 5then he shall declare openly the sin for which he has sinned by it. 6And he shall bring for which he trespassed against the  lord, for the sin of which he sinned, a female from the sheep, a ewe-lamb or a yearling of the goats for a sin offering. And [3shall atone 4for 5him 1the 2priest] for the sin which he sinned, and [3will be forgiven 4him 1the 2sin]. 7And if [2is not strong 1his hand] to be fit for bringing the sheep, he shall bring for his sin offering of which he sinned, two turtle-doves, or two young pigeons to the  lord; one for a sin offering, and one for a whole burnt-offering. 8And he shall bring them to the priest. And [3shall bring 1the 2priest] the one for the [2sin offering 1prior]. And [3shall pluck off 1the 2priest] its head from the neck, and shall not divide it. 9And he shall sprinkle from the blood of the one for the sin offering upon the wall of the altar; but the rest of the blood he shall drop upon the base of the altar -- [3an offering on account of sin 1for 2it is]. 10And the second one he shall offer for a whole offering as is fit. And [3shall atone 4for 5him 1the 2priest] for his sin which he sinned, and it shall be forgiven him. 11And if [2should not find 1his hand] a pair of turtle-doves, or two young pigeons, then he shall bring his gift for which he sinned -- the tenth of the ephah of fine flour for a sin offering. He shall not pour upon it olive oil, nor place upon it frankincense, for [2on account 3of sin 1it is an offering]. 12And he shall bring it to the priest. And [3grabbing 1the 2priest] from it a full handful of his, [2the 3memorial portion 4of it 1shall place] upon the altar, upon the whole burnt-offerings to the  lord -- [2a sin offering 1it is]. 13And [3shall atone 4for 5him 1the 2priest] for his sin which he sinned against one of these things -- and it shall be forgiven him. And the remaining will be for the priest as a sacrifice of the fine flour. 14And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 15The soul who ever should be unaware himself with forgetfulness, and should sin unintentionally of the holy things of the  lord, then he shall bring for his trespass offering to the  lord [2ram 1an unblemished] of the flocks, of the value of silver of shekels, in the shekel in the holy place, for what he trespassed. 16And what ever he sinned, [2from 3the 4holy things 1he shall pay], and the fifth part he shall add to it. And he shall give it to the priest. And the priest shall atone for him by the ram of the trespass offering. And it shall be forgiven him. 17And the soul who ever should sin, and should commit one trespass from all of the commandments of the  lord, which [3not 2must 1he] do, and does not know, and should trespass, and should take the guilt for his sin; 18then he shall bring [2ram 1an unblemished] from out of the flocks, the value of silver for the trespass offering to the priest. And [3shall atone 4for 5him 1the 2priest] for his ignorance of which he was ignorant of, and he did not know. And it will be forgiven him, 19for he trespassed a trespass -- it is a trespass offering before the  lord.
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