Leviticus 6


Laws Regarding Offerings

1And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 2The soul which ever should sin, and by ignoring should ignore the commandments of the  lord, and should lie concerning the neighbor in a matter of trust, or concerning fellowship, or concerning seizure, or he wronged [3in any way 1the 2neighbor], 3or he found something lost and should lie concerning it, and should swear by an oath unjustly concerning any one of all which ever [2should do 1a man], so as to sin by these. 4Then it shall be when ever he should sin, and trespass, that he should give back the seized thing which he seized by force, or the offence which he wronged, or the trust which was placed in him, or the loss which he found of every thing, of which he swore by an oath concerning it unjustly; and he shall pay it, the total sum, and his fifth part shall be added upon it -- whatever is his he shall give back in the day he should be reproved. 5And [2for his trespass offering 1he shall bring] to the  lord, [2ram 1an unblemished] from the flocks, the value for what he trespassed. 6And [3shall atone 4for 5him 1the 2priest] before the  lord. And he shall be forgiven for any one of all which he did, and trespassed by it. 7And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 8Give charge to Aaron and his sons! saying, 9This is the law of the bringing the whole burnt-offering. This is the bringing the whole burnt-offering upon its burning upon the altar the entire night until morning; and the fire of the altar shall burn upon it, and shall not be extinguished. 10And [3shall put on 1the 2priest 5inner garment 4a flaxen linen], and [3pants 2flaxen linen 1he shall put on] on his body. And he shall remove the incinerated remains, which ever [3should have consumed 1the 2fire] of the whole burnt-offering of the altar. And he shall place it next to the altar. 11And he shall take off his apparel, and shall put on [2apparel 1other]. And he shall bring forth the incinerated remains outside the camp unto [2place 1a clean]. 12And the fire upon the altar shall be kept burning upon it, it shall not be extinguished. And [3shall burn 5upon 6it 1the 2priest 4wood] in the morning by morning; and he shall pile upon it the whole burnt-offering. And he shall place upon it the fat of the deliverance offering. 13And fire shall always burn upon the altar; it shall not be extinguished. 14This is the law of the sacrifice offering which [4shall bring 5it 1the 2sons 3of Aaron] before the  lord, before the altar. 15And he shall remove from it a handful of fine flour of the sacrifice offering with its olive oil, and with all its frankincense being upon the sacrifice. And he shall offer up upon the altar a yield offering scent of pleasant aroma, a memorial of it to the  lord. 16And the remainder of it Aaron shall eat and his sons. [2unleavened 1It shall be eaten] in [2place 1a holy]; in the courtyard of the tent of the testimony they shall eat it. 17It shall not be baked being leavened. [2it as a portion 1I have given] to them of the yield offerings of the  lord. [2a holy 3of holies 1It is], as the one for the sin offering, and as the one for the trespass offering. 18Every male of the priests shall eat it -- [2law 1an eternal] unto your generations of the yield offerings of the  lord. All who ever should touch them shall be sanctified. 19And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 20This is the gift offering of Aaron and his sons which they shall bring to the  lord in the day which ever you shall anoint him -- the tenth of the ephah of fine flour for a sacrifice offering always, half of it in the morning, and half of it at dusk. 21[2upon 3a frying pan 4with 5olive oil 1You shall prepare it]. [3being mixed up 1He shall bring 2it], kneaded, as a sacrifice of pieces; he shall bring a sacrifice for a scent of pleasant aroma to the  lord. 22And the [2priest 1anointed] in place of him from his sons will prepare it. It is [2law 1an eternal] to the  lord -- all shall be completed. 23And every sacrifice offering of a priest shall be wholly burnt, and it shall not be eaten. 24And the  lord spoke to Moses, saying, 25Speak to Aaron and to his sons, saying, This is the law of the sin offering. In the place where they slay the whole burnt-offerings, they shall slay also the one for the sin offering before the  lord -- [2a holy 3of holies 1it is]. 26The priest offering it, he shall eat it in [2place 1a holy]; he shall eat it in the courtyard of the tent of the testimony. 27Every one touching of its meats shall be sanctified. And to whom ever should be sprinkled upon of its blood, upon the cloak -- the one who should be sprinkled upon by it shall be washed in [2place 1a holy]. 28And [2item 1an earthenware] of what ever should have been boiled in it, it shall be broken. And if [2in 3an item 4of brass 1it should have been boiled], he shall scour it, and wash it out in water. 29Every male among the priests shall eat it; [2a holy 3of holies 1it is] to the  lord. 30And all the meats concerning the sin offering, what ever might be carried in of their blood into the tent of the testimony to atone in the holy place, shall not be eaten; [2in 3fire 1it shall be incinerated].
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