Luke 16


The Parable of the Unrighteous Manager

1And he said also to his disciples, A certain man was rich, who had a manager; and this one was accused by him as wasting his possessions. 2And having called him, he said to him, What is this I hear concerning you? Render a reckoning of your management; [3not 1for 2you are] able any more to manage. 3[4said 1And 5to 6himself 2the 3manager], What shall I do, for my master removes the management from me? [4to dig 1I am not 2strong 3enough]; to beg I am ashamed. 4I know what I shall do that whenever [3should be changed over 1the 2management], that they shall receive me into their houses. 5And calling on [2one 1each] of the debtors of his master, he said to the first, How much do you owe my master? 6And he said, A hundred baths of olive oil. And he said to him, Take your invoice, and sitting, quickly write fifty! 7Thereupon to another he said, And you, how much do you owe? And he said, A hundred cors of grain. And he says to him, You take the invoice, and write eighty! 8And [3praised 1the 2master] the [2manager 1unrighteous] for [2with practicality 1he acted]. For the sons of this eon are more practical than the sons of the light [2in 4generation 3their own 1are]. 9And I say to you, Make to yourselves friends from out of the mammon of the unrighteous, that whenever you fail, they should receive you into the eternal tents. 10The one trustworthy in the least also in much is trustworthy; and the one [2in 3the least 1unjust] also [2in 3much 1is unjust]. 11If then in the unjust mammon [2trustworthy 1you were not], [4the 5true 1who 3to you 2will trust]? 12And if in that which is a stranger's [2trustworthy 1you were not], [4your own 1who 3to you 2will give]? 13No servant is able [2two 3masters 1to serve]; for either the one he will detest, and the other he will love; or one he will hold to, and the other disdain. You are not able [2God 1to serve] and mammon. 14[6heard 1And 7all these things 2the 3Pharisees 5fond of money 4being], and they derided him. 15And he said to them, You are the ones justifying yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts. For the [2in 3men 1lofty thing] [2an abomination 3before 4God 1is]. 16The law and the prophets were until John. From then the kingdom of God is announced as good news, and every one [2into 3it 1forces]. 17But easier it is for the heaven and the earth to pass away, than [4of the 5law 1for one 2dot 3to fall]. 18Every one divorcing his wife, and marrying another, commits adultery; and every one [2one being divorced 3from 4a husband 1marrying], commits adultery.

The Rich Man and Lazarus

19[3man 1And 2a certain] was rich, and dressed in purple and linen, being merry daily and glowing. 20[4poor man 1And 3a certain 2there was], by name Lazarus, who was laid at his gatehouse, one having sores, 21and desiring to be filled from the crumbs of the ones falling from the table of the rich man. And also the dogs coming licked his sores. 22And it came to pass for [3to die 1the 2poor man], and for him to be carried by the angels into the bosom of Abraham. And [4died 3also 1the 2rich man], and was buried. 23And in Hades having lifted up his eyes being in torment, he sees Abraham from far off, and Lazarus in his enfolded arms. 24And he speaking out loud, said, O father Abraham, show mercy on me, and send forth Lazarus that he should dip the tip of his finger in water, and should cool my tongue; for I grieve in this flame. 25[3said 1And 2Abraham], Son, remember that you accepted the good things of yours in your life, and Lazarus in like manner the bad. But now thus he is comforted, but you grieve. 26And upon all these things, between us and you [2chasm 1is a great] firmly fixed; so that the ones wanting to pass over on this side to you are not able, nor the ones from there to us should pass through. 27And he said, I ask then you, O father, that you should send him forth unto the house of my father. 28For I have five brothers, so that he should testify to them, that [3not 4also 1they 2should] come unto this place of torment. 29[3says 1And 2Abraham], They have Moses and the prophets, let them hear them! 30But he said, No, O father Abraham; but if one from the dead should go to them, they shall repent. 31And he said to him, If Moses and the prophets they did not hear, not even if one from the dead should rise up will they be yielded.
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