Luke 8


Many Women Follow Jesus

1And it came to pass in order, and he traveled through by city and town proclaiming and announcing good news -- the kingdom of God; and the twelve with him, 2and certain women who were ones having been cured from [2spirits 1evil] and weaknesses; Mary the one being called Magdalene, from whom [2demons 1seven] had come forth, 3and Joanna wife of Chuza a caretaker of Herod, and Susanna, and [2others 1many] who served to him from their subsistence.

The Parable of the Sower

4[4being together 1And 3multitude 2a great], and of the ones by city coming to him, he spoke by parable. 5There went forth the one sowing to sow his own seed. And in his sowing, some fell by the way; and it was trampled, and the birds of the heaven devoured it. 6And other fell upon the rock; and having germinated, it withered, on account of the not having moisture. 7And other fell in the midst of the thorn-bushes; and growing together with the thorn-bushes they choked it. 8And other fell upon the [2earth 1good], and having germinated, produced fruit a hundred fold. These things saying, he spoke out loud, The one having ears to hear let him hear! 9[3asked 1And 4him 2his disciples], saying, What may [2be 1this parable]? 10And he said, To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God; but to the rest -- in parables, that seeing they should not see, and hearing they should not perceive. 11[3is 1And 2this] the parable. The seed is the word of God. 12And the ones by the way are the ones hearing; then comes the devil and takes the word from their heart, lest having believed they should be delivered. 13And the ones upon the rock are the ones whenever they hear, with joy they receive the word; and these [2root 1have no], which for a time believe, and in time of test they leave. 14And the one [2into 3the 4thorn-bushes 1falling]; these are the ones having heard, and by anxieties and riches and pleasures of existence going along are choked, and do not bring to perfection. 15And the one in the good earth; these are they who with [4heart 1a good 2and 3better], having heard the word, hold it, and bear fruit with patience. 16And no one [2a lamp 1lighting] covers it with a vessel, or [2underneath 3a bed 1puts it]; but upon a lamp-stand he places it, that the ones entering shall see by the light. 17For nothing is hidden, which [2not 4open 1shall 3become], nor concealed, which shall not be known and [2into 3the open 1should come]. 18Take heed then how you hear! For who ever should have, to him it shall be given; and whoever should not have, even what he seems to have shall be taken from him. 19And there came to him the mother and his brothers, and they were not able to meet with him because of the multitude. 20And it was reported to him, saying, Your mother and your brothers stand outside, [2to see 3you 1wanting]. 21 But responding he said to them, My mother and my brothers are these, the ones [2the 3word 4of God 1hearing] and doing it.

Jesus Calms the Tempest

22And it came to pass on one of the days, and he stepped into a boat and his disciples; and he said to them, We should go through unto the other side of the lake. And they embarked. 23[3sailing 1And 2during their] he slept soundly. And came down a tempest of wind onto the lake, and they were filling up, and were exposed to danger. 24And coming forward, they awoke him, saying, Master, master, we perish. And he having arisen reproached the wind and the swell of water; and they ceased, and became a calm. 25And he said to them, Where is the trust of yours? But fearing they wondered, saying to one another, Who then is this, that even to the winds he gives orders, and to the water, and they obey him?

Jesus Casts out Demons

26And they sailed down unto the region of the Gadarenes, which is opposite Galilee. 27[3coming forth 1And 2in his] unto the land, [2encountered 3him 1a certain man] from out of the city, who had demons for [2of time 1a fit amount], and [3a garment 1he was not 2dressed in], and [2in 3a house 1he abided not], but in the tombs. 28And beholding Jesus, and having shouted aloud, he fell at him, and [2voice 1with a great] said, What is it to me and to you, Jesus, O son [3God 1of the 2highest]? I beseech you [2not 4me 1that you should 3torment]. 29For he summoned the [2spirit 1unclean] to come forth from the man. For many times it seized him with force, and he was bound in chains, and [2in shackles 1being kept]; and tearing up the bonds he was driven by the demon into the wildernesses. 30[3asked 1And 4him 2Jesus], saying, What [3given to you 1is 2the name]? And he said, Legion; because [2demons 1many] entered into him. 31And they appealed to him that he should not give orders to them [2into 3the 4abyss 1to go forth]. 32But there was there a herd of swine, a fit amount grazing in the mountain. And they appealed to him that he should commission to them [2into 3those 1to enter]. And he commissioned it to them. 33[4going forth 1And 2the 3demons] from the man, entered into the swine, and [3advanced 1the 2herd] down the precipice into the lake, and choked. 34[4having beheld 1And 2the ones 3grazing] the thing taking place, fled, and having gone forth they reported in the city and in the fields. 35And they came forth to behold the thing taking place. And they came to Jesus, and they found [8sitting down 1the 2man 3from 4whom 5the 6demons 7had went forth], being dressed and being of a sound mind, by the feet of Jesus; and they feared. 36[4reported 1And 5to them 2the ones also 3beholding] how [3was delivered 1the 2demon-possessed man]. 37And [8asked 9him 1all 2the 3multitude 4of the 5place round about 6of the 7Gadarenes] to go forth from them, for [3fear 2by a great 1they were held]. And he stepping into the boat returned. 38[9beseeched 1And 10him 2the 3man 4from 5whom 8came forth 6the 7demons] to be with him. [3released 1But 4him 2Jesus], saying, 39Return unto your house, and describe as much as [2did 3for you 1God]! And he went forth through the whole city proclaiming as much as [2did 3for him 1Jesus]. 40And it came to pass in the returning of Jesus, [3gladly received 4him 1the 2multitude]; for they were all expecting him.

Jairus Appeals to Jesus

41And behold, there came a man whose name was Jairus, and he was a ruler of the synagogue existing there. And having fallen by the feet of Jesus, he appealed to him to enter into his house; 42for his daughter was an only child to him, about [2years old 1twelve], and she was dying. And in his going, the multitudes thronged him.

Jesus Heals the Woman with the Flow of Blood

43And a woman being in a flow of blood for [2years 1twelve], which [4on 5physicians 1consumed 2her entire 3livelihood], not being able by anyone to be cured, 44having come forward behind him, touched the decorative hem of his cloak; and immediately [4stopped 1the 2flow 3of her blood]. 45And Jesus said, Who is the one touching me? [3denying 1And 2all], Peter said, and the ones with him, Master, the multitudes constrain you and squeeze, and you say, Who is the one touching me? 46 And Jesus said, [2touched 3me 1Someone], for I know power went forth from me. 47[4knowing 1And 2the 3woman] that she did not escape notice, [2trembling 1came], and having fallen before him, for which reason she touched him, she reported to him in the presence of all the people, and how she was healed immediately. 48 And he said to her, Take courage, O daughter, the belief of yours has delivered you, go in peace!

Jairus' Daughter Raised from the Dead

49And while he was speaking, there comes one from the chief of the synagogue, saying to him that, [3has died 2daughter 1Your], do not inconvenience the teacher! 50 And Jesus having heard responded to him, saying, Do not fear! Only trust and she shall be delivered! 51And entering into the house, he did not allow [2to enter 1anyone], except Peter, and John, and James, and the father of the child and the mother. 52[3wept 1And 2all], and beat their chest over her. But he said, Weep not! She died not, but sleeps. 53And they ridiculed him, knowing that she died. 54And he having cast all outside, and having taken hold of her hand, spoke out loud, saying, Child, arise! 55And [2returned 1her spirit], and she rose up immediately. And he ordered for her to be given something to eat. 56And [2were amazed 1her parents]; and he exhorted them [2no one 1to tell] the thing having taken place.
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