Malachi 1


The LORD Loves Jacob

1The concern of the word of the  lord over Israel by the hand of his messenger. 2I loved you, says the  lord. And you said, [3in 4what 1You loved 2us]? [2not 5brother 1Was 3Esau 4Jacob's]? says the  lord; and I loved Jacob. 3And Esau I detested, and I ordered up his borders for extinction, and his inheritance for domiciles of the wilderness. 4Because [2will say, 1Edom], He was eradicated, and we should return and should rebuild places having been made desolate. Thus says the  lord almighty, They shall build, and I shall eradicate; and it shall be called by them, Borders of lawlessness, and, a people against whom the  lord deployed unto the eon. 5And your eyes shall see, and you shall say, The  lord was magnified up above the borders of Israel.

The Priests Dishonor The LORD

6A son glorifies a father, and a servant his master. And if [3father 2am 1I], where is my glory? And if [3the  lord 2am 1I], where is the fear of me, says the  lord almighty? You, the priests, are the ones treating [2as worthless 1my name]. And you said, [3in 4what 1We treated as worthless 2your name]? 7In bringing to my altar [2bread loaves 1polluted]. And you say, [2in 3what 1We polluted]? In your saying, The table of the  lord is polluted; and the things being placed upon it are thereby treated with contempt. 8For if you should bring a blind animal for sacrifice, is it not evil? And if you should bring the lame or ill, is it not evil? Bring it indeed to him, to the one leading you; shall he favorably receive you, shall he receive your person, says the  lord almighty, no. 9And now, atone the face of your God, and beseech him! By your hands these have taken place. Shall I receive from your person your things, says the  lord almighty, no. 10Because even among you [2shall be closed 1the doors], and you shall not light my altar gratuitously. There is not of me anything wanting among you, says the  lord almighty. A sacrifice I shall not favorably receive from out of your hands. 11For from the rising of the sun, and unto the descent, my name was glorified among the nations; and in every place incense is brought in my name -- even [2sacrifice 1a pure]. For great is my name among the nations, says the  lord almighty. 12But you profane it in your saying, The table of the  lord is polluted; and [3placed upon it 4are treated with contempt 2foods 1his]. 13And you said, Behold, it is troublesome. And you blew them away, says the  lord almighty; and you carried in the prey, and the lame, and the troubled. And thus you brought in the sacrifice. Shall I favorably receive them from your hands, says the  lord almighty, no. 14And accursed be the man who was mighty, and [2existed 3among 4his flock 1a male], and his vow was upon him, and he sacrifices a thing being corrupted to the  lord. For [4king 3great 1I 2am], says the  lord almighty, and my name is prominent among the nations.
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