Malachi 2


The LORD Sends a Curse on the Priests

1And now this commandment is to you, O priests. 2If you should not hearken, and if you should not put it into your heart, to give glory to my name, says the  lord almighty, then I will send upon you the curse, and I will accurse your blessing -- even I will curse it, and it will not be among you, for you put it not to your heart. 3Behold, I separate to you the shoulder, and I will disperse dung of the large intestine upon your faces, dung of the large intestine of your holiday feasts; and I will take you away at the same time. 4And you shall realize that I sent out to you this commandment, to be my covenant with the Levites, says the  lord almighty. 5 My covenant was with him, the one of life and of peace; and I gave to him fear to fear me, and from the presence of my name to put him in readiness. 6The law of truth was in his mouth, and injustice was not found in his lips. In peace he straightened out to go with me; and many he turned from iniquity. 7For lips of priests shall guard knowledge, and [2the law 1they shall seek] from his mouth; for [2a messenger 3of the  lord 4almighty 1he is]. 8But you turned aside from the way, and you weakened many in following the law; you corrupted the covenant of Levi, says the  lord almighty. 9And I have given you over as ones being treated with contempt, and ones being disregarded among all the nations, because you guarded not my ways, but you took persons in the law. 10Is there not [2father 1one] of all of you? Did not [2God 1one] create you? For what reason did you abandoned each his brother, to profane the covenant of your fathers? 11Judah abandoned, and an abomination took place in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah profaned the holy things of the  lord in which he loved, and applied unto alien gods. 12The  lord will utterly destroy the man doing these things, until whenever he should be humbled from out of the tents of Jacob, and from out of the ones bringing a sacrifice to the  lord almighty. 13And these things which I detested you did. You covered [4in tears 1the 2altar 3of the  lord] in weeping and moaning because of troubles, yet thinking it worthy to look upon your sacrifice, or to take as acceptable from out of your hands.

Treachery of Infidelity

14And you said, For what reason? In that the  lord testified between you and between the wife of your youth, whom you abandoned. And she is your partner, and the wife of your covenant. 15But did he not [2good 1do], even a vestige of his spirit? And you said, What other than a seed does God seek? But guard in your spirit, and the wife of your youth do not abandon! 16But if by detesting, you should send her forth, says the  lord God of Israel, then [2shall cover 1impiety] over your thoughts, says the  lord God almighty. And keep guard in your spirit, and in no way should you abandon them, 17O ones provoking the  lord with your words. And you said, [3in 4what 1We provoked 2him]? In your saying, Every one doing wicked is good before the  lord, and in them he thinks well of; and, Where is the God of righteousness?
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