Malachi 3


The Messenger of the Covenant

1Behold, I send out my messenger who shall prepare the way before my face. And [5shall suddenly 6come 7into 8his temple 1the  lord 2whom 3you 4seek], even the messenger of the covenant, whom you want. Behold, he comes, says the  lord almighty. 2And who will endure the day of his entrance? Or who shall stand at his apparition? For he enters as fire of a foundry furnace, and as lye of ones washing. 3And he shall sit as one casting in a furnace, and one cleansing as it were silver. And he shall cleanse the sons of Levi, and he shall pour them as the gold and as the silver; and they will be to the  lord ones bringing sacrifices in righteousness. 4And [5shall please 6the 7  lord, 1the sacrifice 2of Judah 3and 4Jerusalem], as in the days of the eon; and as the years before. 5And I will come forward to you in judgment; and I will be [2witness 1a quick] against the administers of potions, and against the adulterers, and against the ones swearing by an oath in my name for a lie, and against the ones depriving a wage of a hireling, and tyrannizing over the widow, and the ones smiting orphans, and the ones turning aside a right judgment of a foreigner, even they are the ones not fearing me, says the  lord almighty. 6For I am the  lord your God; I change not.

Israel Keeps the Tenth Parts

7But you sons of Jacob are not kept at a distance from the sins of your fathers; you turned aside from my laws, and guarded not. Return to me! and I shall be turned towards you, says the  lord almighty. But you said, In what way should we turn? 8Shall [2stomp on 1a man] God, no. For you stomp on me. And you said, [3in 4what 1We stomped on 2you]? In that the tenth parts, and the first-fruits [2with 3you 1are]. 9And looking away, you look away, and me you stomp on. 10The year is completed, and you carried in all the resources into the storehouses, and there will be the ravaging in your houses. Restore indeed in this, says the  lord almighty! And see if I should not open to you the torrents of the heaven, and pour out to you my blessing until it is enough. 11And I will draw apart to you for food, and in no way will I utterly destroy the fruit of the land; and in no way should it be weakened upon your grapevine in the field, says the  lord almighty. 12And [4shall declare you happy 1all 2the 3nations]. For you will be [2land 1a wanted], says the  lord almighty. 13You weighed down against me by your words, says the  lord. And you said, [4in 5what 1We spoke ill 2against 3you]? 14You said, [4is vain 1The one 2serving 3God]. and, What more is it that we kept his injunctions, and that we go as supplicants before the face of the  lord almighty? 15And now we declare [2blessed 1aliens]; and [5are built up 1all 2the ones 3doing 4lawless deeds]; and they opposed God, and were preserved. 16[6these things 5spoke 1The ones 2fearing 3the 4  lord] each to his neighbor. And the  lord heeded, and hearkened, and wrote a scroll of memorial before him to the ones fearing the  lord, and venerating his name. 17And they will be to me, says the  lord almighty, in the day which I prepare for a procurement. And I will select them in which manner [2selects 1a man] his son, the one serving to him. 18Then shall you be turned, and you shall see between the just one and the wrongdoer; and between the one serving God and the one not serving to him.
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