Mark 5


Jesus Heals the Gadarene Man

And they came unto the other side of the sea, into the place of the Gadarenes. And on his having come forth from out of the boat, immediately there met him from out of the tombs a man with [2spirit 1an unclean], who [2his dwelling 1had] in the tombs; and neither with chains no one was able to bind him; for the reason he often with shackles and chains had been bound, and [3had been pulled apart 4by 5him 1the 2chains], and the shackles had been broken, and no one [3him 1was strong enough 2to tame]. And always, night and day, in the mountains, and in the tombs, he was crying out, and cutting himself with stones. And beholding Jesus from far off, he ran and did obeisance to him. And having cried out [2voice 1with a great] he said, What is it to me and to you, Jesus, O son of the [2God 1highest]? I adjure you by God that you should not torment me. For he said to him, Come forth, O [2spirit 1unclean] from out of the man! And he asked him, What is your name? And he answered, saying, Legion is my name, for we are many. 10 And he appealed to him much, that [2not 4them 1he should 3send] outside the place.

Unclean Spirits Enter the Swine

11 And was there by the mountains [2herd 3of swine 1a great] grazing. 12 And [4appealed to 5him 1all 2the 3demons], saying, Send us forth into the swine! that into them we should enter. 13 And [2committed 3them 4immediately 1Jesus]. And having come forth, the [2spirits 1unclean] entered into the swine. And [3advanced 1the 2herd] down the precipice into the sea, (and there were about two thousand;) and they drowned in the sea. 14 And the ones grazing the swine fled, and they announced in the city, and in the fields. And they came forth to behold what it is -- the thing taking place. 15 And they came to Jesus; and viewing the demon-possessed sitting down and being dressed and being of a sound mind, the one having the legion; that they feared. 16 And [3described 4to them 1the ones 2beholding] how it happened to the one being demon-possessed, and concerning the swine. 17 And they began to appeal to him to go forth from their borders. 18 And of his stepping into the boat, [3appealed to 4him 1the one 2having been demon-possessed] that he might be with him. 19 But Jesus would not allow him, but says to him, Go unto your house to your own, and announce to them as much as [4to you 1the 2Lord 3did], and showed mercy on you! 20 And he went forth and began to proclaim in the Decapolis as much as [2did 3for him 1Jesus]; and all marveled. 21 And [2having passed through 1Jesus] in the boat again unto the other side, there was gathered together [2multitude 1a great] unto him; and he was by the sea. 22 And behold, there comes one of the chiefs of the synagogue, by name Jairus. And beholding him, he falls to his feet, 23 and he appeals to him much, saying that, My young daughter [2the last 1is next to]; that having come, you should place upon her your hands, so that she should be preserved, and she should live. 24 And he went forth with him; and [3followed 4him 2multitude 1a great], and squeezed together on him.

The Woman with a Flow of Blood

25 And a certain woman being with a flow of blood [2years 1twelve], 26 and [2much 1suffering] under many physicians, and having spent the things of hers -- all, and not deriving benefit, but rather [2to 3the 4worse 1having come]; 27 she having heard concerning Jesus, having come among the multitude behind, touched his cloak; 28 for she said that, If only [2his garments 1I should touch], I shall be delivered. 29 And immediately was dried the spring of her blood, and she knew in her body that she was healed from the scourge. 30 And immediately Jesus realizing in himself the [3from out of 4him 1power 2went forth], having turned among the multitude, he said, Who touched my garments? 31 And [2said 3to him 1his disciples], You see the multitude squeezing you, and you say, Who touched me? 32 And he looked round about to behold the one doing this. 33 And the woman being fearful and trembling, knowing what has happened to her, came and fell at him, and told him all the truth. 34  And he said to her, O daughter, the belief of yours has delivered you, go in peace, and be in health from your scourge!

The Young Woman Restored to Life

35 While he was speaking, they came from the chief of the synagogue, saying that, Your daughter died, why yet inconvenience the teacher? 36 But Jesus immediately having heard the word being spoken, says to the chief of the synagogue, Do not fear, only believe! 37 And he did not allow anyone to follow together with him, except Peter, and James, and John the brother of James. 38 And he comes unto the house of the chief of the synagogue, and he views a tumult, and weeping and [2shouting 1much]. 39 And having entered he says to them, Why make a disruption and weep? the child died not, but sleeps. 40 And they ridiculed him. But casting out all, he takes to himself the father of the child, and the mother, and the ones with him, and enters where [3was 1the 2child] reclining. 41 And holding the hand of the child, he says to her, Talitha cumi! which is being translated, Young woman, to you I say, Arise! 42 And immediately [3arose 1the 2young woman], and walked, for she was [2years old 1twelve]. And they were amazed [2astonishment 1with great]. 43 And he warned them much that no one should know this; and he said to give to her to eat.
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