Mark 16


The Resurrection of Jesus

1And the elapsing of the Sabbath, Mary the Magdalene, and Mary the one of James, and Salome, bought aromatics, that having come they should anoint him. 2And exceedingly in the morning of day one of the Sabbaths, they come unto the tomb, at the rising of the sun. 3And they said among themselves, Who will roll away [3for us 1the 2stone] from the door of the tomb? 4And having looked up, they viewed that [3was rolled away 1the 2stone]; for it was [2great 1exceedingly]. 5And having entered into the tomb, they saw a young man sitting down on the right, being clothed [2apparel 1in white]; and they were astonished. 6And he says to them, Do not be astonished! You seek Jesus the Nazarene, the one having been crucified; he was arisen, he is not here; see the place where they put him! 7But go! say to his disciples and to Peter that he goes before you unto Galilee; there you shall see him, as he said to you. 8And having come forth quickly, they fled from the tomb. [5took hold of 1And 6them 2trembling 3and 4a change of state]; and [2no one 3not one thing 1they told]; for they were afraid.

Jesus Appears to Mary and the Disciples

9And having risen in the morning on the first day of the Sabbath, he appeared first to Mary the Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons. 10That one having gone reported to the ones [2with 3him 1having been], who were mourning and weeping. 11And those having heard that he lives, and was seen by her, disbelieved. 12And after these things with two of them walking, he was made manifest in another appearance going into the field. 13And those having gone forth reported to the rest; and those neither believed. 14Afterwards with them reclining, [2to them 3to the 4eleven 1he was made manifest], and he berated their unbelief and hardness of heart, that to the ones seeing him being arisen they did not believe. 15And he said to them, Having gone into the world all together, proclaim the good news to all in the creation! 16The one believing and being immersed shall be delivered; but the one disbelieving shall be condemned. 17And signs to these believing shall follow closely; in my name [2demons 1they shall cast out]; [3languages 3they shall speak 2new]; 18[2serpents 1they shall take away]; and if anything deadly they shall drink, in no way shall it hurt them; [3upon 4ill ones 2hands 1they shall place], and [2well 1they shall suffice]. 19So then the Lord, after speaking with them, was taken up into the heaven, and he sat at the right of God. 20And those having gone forth, proclaimed everywhere of the Lord, and were working together [2the 3word 1firming] by the [2following after 1signs]. Amen.
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